Sensors and Sensor Systems

Reference# Technology
P00017 Optical Beam Deflection Thermal Imaging
P00223 Capacitive Chemical Sensor Using an Ion Exchange Surface
P00273 Heated Element Velocimeter
P01067 Fiber Optic Ionizing Radiation Detection
P01093 Integrated Dual Imaging Detector
P01227 High-temperature Superconducting Thin Film Nonbolometric Microwave Detection System and Method
P01231 Non-invasive Fetal Heart Signature Monitor
P01248 Delay Compensated Doppler Radar Altimeter
P01254 System for Measuring Average Speed and Traffic Volume on a Roadway
P01266 Method and System for Detecting Small Structures in Images
P01268 Passive Alarm System for Blind and Visually Impaired Individuals
P01280 Polymer Based Lanthanide Luminescent Sensors for the Detection of Organophosphorous Compounds
P01288 Passive Alarm Systems for Blind and Visually Impaired Individuals
P01308 Apparel and Sensor Coverings with Energy Converting, Storing and Supplying Capabilities and Other Electrical Components Integrated...
P01309 Lorentz Force Magnetometer having a Resonator
P01358 Electrical Conductivity Object Locator
P01361 Passive Intraocular Pressure Sensor and Patient-worn Monitoring Recorder
P01372 Networked Sensor System (NESSY)
P01373 Miniature Immuno-Optical Rapid Analyte Sensor Platform
P01377 Noninvasive Magnetic Sensing of Human Prostate Tumor
P01379 Flash Hit Detector
P01391 Thermal Ionization Detector
P01398 Use of Metallic Tape with Memory for Sonobuoy Hydrophone Deployment
P01406 Mass Spectrometer Threat Identification System
P01408 Molecularly Imprinted Polymer Sensor for 2-Phosphonobutane 1,2,4 Tricarboxylic Acid
P01409 Molecularly Imprinted Polymer Sensor for Drug Residues
P01410 Molecularly Imprinted Polymer Sensor for Explosives
P01414 A New Class of Resonant Structures for Lorentz Force Magnetometers
P01422 Radar Ice Sounder with Parallel Doppler Processing
P01456 A Self-Monitoring Controller for Quartz Crystal Microbalance Sensors
P01465 Simple and Modular Reflectron Construction Using Flexible Circuit Board Material
P01466 Time and Frequency Domain Electromagnetic Induction Metal and Landmine Detection and Identification Sensor System
P01471 Microwave and Acoustic Detection of Drowsiness
P01490 Scatterer Controlled Emission for Novel Optical Taggants
P01491 A Colorimetric Sensor of Food Spoilage Based on a Molecularly Imprinted Polymer
P01493 Catalytic Inhibitor for Use in Anhydrous Ammonia to Counter Illicit Drug Manufacture
P01513 Damping Gyrometer
P01518 A Gridless, Focusing Ion Source for a Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer
P01537 Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) Mapping System
P01555 Detection of Re-Bar Corrosion in Re-inforced Concrete Structures Using Modal Analysis
P01559 Force Detected Magnetic Field Gradiometer
P01570 Explosive Detection Instrument
P01583 Improvement in Performance of a Microchannel Plate Detector Assembly Using a Miniature Anode (Micro-node)
P01594 Blast Position Detector
P01595 Field-Portable Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer System
P01605 Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer Array (TOF Spectrarray)
P01620 Dual Frequency Scanning Harmonic Radar for Detection and Identification of Concealed Metallic Weapons and Electronics
P01651 Smart Aggregates: Distributed Sensor Suite for Remote Infrastructure Monitoring
P01653 Expendable Beam Transmissiometer
P01660 Advanced Resonant Lorentz Force Magnetometer
P01694 Mechanical Filter/Mixer for Radio Frequency Applications
P01697 Automated Fluorometric Bioaerosol Concentration and Detection System
P01700 Integrated Fluidics System for Simplifier Analysis of Aerosolize Biological Particles
P01706 Airborne Pathogen Neutralization
P01714 A Non-contact Optical Technique to Monitor Surface Stress in Sapphire Windows
P01721 Optical Beamformer
P01729 Portable Robot Mine Detection and Classification System
P01730 Instrumented Model of the Human Torso for Ballistic Impact
P01740 Expandable Underwater Sensor Array
P01741 Advanced Air Deploy Sonobuoy
P01754 Dual-Sided Microchannel Plate Detector Mount for Coaxial Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometers
P01760 Planar Optical Penetration Sensor (POPS)
P01766 Wide Area Metal Detection
P01767 Compact, Autonomous Robotic Detection and Identification (CARD) Sensor System
P01772 Networked Automatic Monitoring Pipeline System (NAMPS)
P01778 Method For Metal Object Identification Using Three-dimensional Steerable Magnetic Field Antenna
P01790 Low-cost Flexible Manufacturing Techniques for Bradbury-Neilson Gates and Similar Interdigital Structures for Use in Miniature Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometers and Other Related Applications
P01813 Detection of Genuine and Hoax Biological and Non-biological Contaminants on Various Media
P01818 Fluid Sampling Interface for a Submerged Water-Borne Vehicle
P01819 Vessel for Solid Phase Micro-Extraction (SPME) Chemical Sampling
P01828 Method and Apparatus for Detection of Bio-Aerosols
P01836 Commercial Vehicle Electronic Screening Hardware/Software System
P01841 Cortisol Sensor for Soldier Stress and Fatigue Monitoring
P01858 An Embeddable Corrosion Rate Meter for Remote Monitoring of Infrastructures
P01872 Combined Chemical/Biological Agent Detection by Mass Spectrometry
P01879 A Microfabricated Array Sensor for the Electrochemical Detection of Biological Molecules
P01885 Moving Belt Metal Detector
P01888 A Colorimetric Sensor for Biogenic Diamines to be Molecularly Imprinted into Polymers
P01892 Tree Fork
P01896 Gun Shot Digital Imaging System (GSDIS)
P01898 Chloride Ion Sensor
P01901 Magnetometer ASIC
P01910 Sample Retrieval Device for Environmental Aerosol Collection Used in Conjunction with a Field-Portable Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer
P01917 Multi-Mode Electromagnetic Target Discriminator (METD) Sensor System
P01967 Switched Coil Receiver Antenna for Metal Detector
P01968 Simultaneous Time-domain and Frequency-domain Metal Detector
P01969 Digital Nulling Pulse Inductive Metal Detector
P01972 Step Current Inductive Coil Antenna for Metal Detector
P01973 Variable Damping Induction Coil for Metal Detection
P01974 Reconfigurable Induction Coil for Metal Detection
P01984 CMOS Xylophone Bar Magnetometer with Automatic Resonance Control
P01988 Mono-Track Vehicle
P01999 Monitoring the Integrity of a superstructure under heat loads
P02000 Dense Object Detection System and Method
P02003 Personnel Screening Device for the Detection of Non-metallic Concealed Contraband Using Microwave Backscatter
P02013 Laser Serration of Envelopes for Efficient Liberation of Enclosed Pathogens and Directed Release into Collectors
P02017 Battery Health Monitor
P02050 Synchronous Sleep Mechanisms for Wireless Sensor Networks
P02070 Various Networked and Distributed Configurations for Power Distribution Protection System
P02087 Soluble, Processible Molecularly Imprinted Macromolecules
P02102 Expendable Metal Detector
P02112 Polymerizable Beta-Diketones for MIPs of Divalent or Trivalent D and F Block Metals
P02113 Magnetometer Based on an Oscillator Made With Magnetorestrictive Material
P02130 Active Electronic Security Cloth and Webbing
P02133 Enhanced Sampling Device
P02143 Thermal Management System
P02152 Hydrophone Unit
P02153 Vertical Line Hydrophone Array with Continuous PVDF Hydrophone Elements
P02243 Low-cost Projectile Detection and Warning System
P02252 An Unclad Fiber Optic Sensor for Measuring Chromophoric Compounds in Human Blood and Amniotic Fluid
P02260 Adaptable Fetal Heart Monitor Patient Interface
P02263 Refractory Nanoparticle Taggants
P02273 Wide-Area Portal Metal Detector
P02274 Addressable Metal Detector Array and Method for Crowd Screening
P02277 Volumetric passive sonobuoy array of polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) wires
P02307 Device for Rapid and Nondestructive Detection of the Presence of Latent Fingerprints
P02317 Automatic Integrated Distress Device
P02330 Tow Body Metal Detector
P02391 Remotely Directed Vehicle Inspection System
P02490 Wide Ranging Electro-chemical Based Time-Temperature Recorder
P02622 Systems and Methods for Remote Tagging and Tracking of Objects Using Hyperspectral Video Sensors
P02647 Multi-Modal Neural Interfacing for Prosthetic Devices
P02710 System and Method for Determining Position of Hall Sensors Relative to the Stator Winding of Brushless DC or Synchronous AC Permanent Magnet Motor
P02736 System for Determining Drug Resistance in Microorganisms
P02884 Instantaneous Measurement of the Internal Temperature in Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Cells
P02937 Unpowered Microfluidic Long Lifetime Time-Temperature Indicator
P03135 A Numerical Method for Constructing Geo-Location Isograms
P03141 A Measurement Correlation Algorithm for Line-of-Bearing Geo-Location
P03331 Tactical Object Finder
P03372 A Correlation Algorithm for Geo-Location Position Measurements
P03480 Enhanced Mapping and Positioning System for Navigation and Mapping in GPS Denied Environments
P03562 EMAPS Mapping Products - Maps, Imagery, 3D Point Cloud Data, Sensor Telemetry
P03619 FLOXIR - Fs Laser-Induced Oxidation/Reduction of Materials: Processes, Applications and Devices