Materials and Structures

Reference# Technology
P00017 Optical Beam Deflection Thermal Imaging
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P00250 Overmoded Waveguide Elbow and Fabrication Process
P00316 Computer Aided Design for TE01 Mode Circular Waveguide
P01068 Bone Substitute for Training and Testing
P01109 Thin Film Vanadium Oxide Spatial Light Modulators and Methods
P01223 Heat Sink for Increasing Through-Thickness Thermal Conductivity of Organic Matrix Composite Structures
P01225 Orthopedic Polymer Implant
P01276 Apparatus and Methods for Embedding a Biocompatible Material in a Polymer Bone Implant
P01453 Compressed Gas Manifold
P01475 In-Line Filter for Fiber Optic SMA Terminations
P01520 Cross-hatched, focused, x-ray scatter reduction grid fabricated by lamination technique
P01550 Structure Including a Plurality of Cells of Cured Resinous Material, Method of Forming the Structure
P01580 Improved Thermal Control Body Armor
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P01637 An Application of Rapid Prototype Manufacturing Technology to the Design and Fabrication of Wind Tunnel Models
P01651 Smart Aggregates: Distributed Sensor Suite for Remote Infrastructure Monitoring
P01664 X-Band Solid State Power Amplifier (SSPA)
P01684 Electroless Gold Plating for Use in Wirebonded Chip-on-Board (COB) and Multichip Module (MCM) Applications
P01714 A Non-contact Optical Technique to Monitor Surface Stress in Sapphire Windows
P01734 Blood Iron Removal for Sufferers of Hemochromatosis Using a Selectively Permeable Molecularly Imprinted Polymer Dialysis Membrane
P01741 Advanced Air Deploy Sonobuoy
P01744 Environmental Phosphate Pollution Removal Using a Selectively Permeable Molecularly Imprinted Polymer Membrane
P01745 Environmental Nitrate Pollution Removal Using a Selectively Permeable Molecularly Imprinted Polymer Membrane
P01760 Planar Optical Penetration Sensor (POPS)
P01765 Pilot Identification System
P01778 Method For Metal Object Identification Using Three-dimensional Steerable Magnetic Field Antenna
P01816 Surface Preparation of Metals to Adhere Polyethylene Molding
P01858 An Embeddable Corrosion Rate Meter for Remote Monitoring of Infrastructures
P01892 Tree Fork
p01940 Strain Rate Sensitive Flexible Armor with Laminated Composite Elements
P01982 Thermal Interface and Switch using Carbon Nanotube Arrays
P01990 Authentication of Injection Molded Epoxy-Based Electronics Packages Using Molecularly Imprinted Taggants
P01999 Monitoring the Integrity of a superstructure under heat loads
P02130 Active Electronic Security Cloth and Webbing
P02175 Nanocavities for Use in Quantum Information Processing
P02227 Three-Position Heavy Object Lift Handle for Two-Person Use
P02234 Kinetic Energy Absorbing Aerogel Composite Structures for Use in Crash of Impact Protection and Body or Vehicle Armor
P02263 Refractory Nanoparticle Taggants
P02357 Accumulator Cap Collar
P02603 Self-Healing Coatings
P02721 Static Dissipative Cable Ties, Such as for Radiation Belt Storm Probes
P02755 Thin Film Electrodes Including Metal Tubes Filled with Active Material and Battery Cells, and Methods of Fabrication
P02776 BioNanoCellulose Reinforced Fibers for Composite Reinforced Plastic Materials
P02791 Topical Compositions and Methods of Detection and Treatment
P02814 Cellulose-Based Hydrogels and Methods of Making Thereof
P02820 Implantable Pressure-Actuated Drug Delivery Systems and Methods of Manufacture and Use
P02837 Breathable Microframe Prosthetic Interface
P02847 Chitosan Derived Phosphate MIPs
P02858 Wound Healing Compositions Comprising Biocompatible Cellulose Hydrogel Membranes and Methods of Use Thereof
P02873 Apparatus and Methods for 3-D Stacking of Thinned Die
P03071 Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Ballistic Fibers for Improved Ballistic Resistance
P03089 Release Actuator Employing Components with Different Coefficients of Thermal Expansion
P03114 Agile IR Scene Projector
P03122 Methods to Improve the Reliability of Organic Photovoltaic Solar Cells
P03404 Process for Producing Non-Detonable Canine Training Aids for Peroxide-Based Homemade Explosives
P03414 Advanced Armor Laminate Structures
P03456 In-situ Evaluation of Component Fidelity During Additive Manufacturing Processing
P03472 Improving Impact Resistance in Polymers via Controlled Free Volume
P03560 Open Loop Feedback Control of Material Properties Using a Pseudo-Circulatory System
P03636 High Aspect Ratio Nanofillers for Improving the Balance between Rolling Resistance and Wet Traction in Tires or Like Materials