Information Processing and Management

Reference# Technology
P00041 Method and Apparatus for Bus Arbitration Using a Pseudo-Random Sequence
P00156 Portable pH Data Collector
P00194 Computer-Controlled Neurological Stimulation System
P00241 Address Sequence Generation by Means of Reverse Carry Addition
P00283 Apparatus for Categorizing and Accumulating Events
P00288 Adaptive Locally-Optimum Detection Signal Processor and Processing Methods
P00379 Stack Data Cache Having a Stack Management Hardware with Internal and External Stack Pointers and Buffers for Handling Underflow and Overflow Stack
P00440 Polygraph Automated Scoring Systems
P00452 Apparatus and Method for Quantum Mechanical Encryption for the Transmission of Secure Communications
P01113 Method for Model-Free Control of General Discrete-Time Systems
P01178 Polygraph Sensor Simulation and Testing System
P01256 Optimization of Radiation Treatment Planning
P01301 Imaging Objects in a Dissipative Medium by Nearfield Electromagnetic Holography--3D Metal Detector
P01323 Adaptive Windowing of FFT Data for Increased Resolution and Sidelobe Rejection
P01371 Optical Method for Quantum Computing
P01374 Method and Apparatus for Segmenting Small Structures in Images
P01383 Enhanced Virtual Executor (EVE) for Linking Intra-Institutional PC's in Parallel Processing
P01402 Symbol Synchronization in a CPM Communications Receiver Based on Energy Near Half the Symbol Rate
P01416 PC-Based Voice Activated Human Interaction Simulations
P01422 Radar Ice Sounder with Parallel Doppler Processing
P01424 Software Protection for Single and Multiple Microprocessor Systems
P01429 HAIRCUT (Cross Language Info Retrieval)
P01472 A Hybrid Software/Hardware Technique for High Speed Backplane Messaging
P01486 System and Method for Diagnosing Pathologic Heart Conditions
P01501 Architecture for Distributed Information Access (ADINA)
P01514 Java Enhanced Distributed System Instrumentation (JEDSI) for Measuring the Performance of Large Distributed Systems
P01537 Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) Mapping System
P01544 Database and Knowledge-base Enhancements
P01552 Clinician's Portable, Digital, Intelligent Assistant (Pain Informatics Program)
P01560 Method and System for Bio-Surveillance Detection and Alerting
P01589 Real-Time Video Integration with Mapping Software
P01598 Method and System for Outpatient Monitoring
P01607 Directed Web Crawling Using Machine Learning
P01612 Cybernetic Systems Based on Inductive Logic
P01636 Controlled Beam Steering Using Two-Beam Coupling for Optical Routing Applications
P01640 Tactial Image Rendering Tool Image Processing Algorithm for Creation of Unclassified Line Drawings from Classified National Technical Means Imagery
P01652 Integrated Adaptive Antenna Array and Adaptive Locally-Optimum Detection Processor
P01686 Online Data Visualization Toolkit
P01696 A Procedure for Enabling Big-Endian Software to Run on Little-Endian Hardware and Vice Versa
P01701 QTViewer - Software for Three-Dimensional Visualization of Large Models
P01709 Open Autonomy Kernel (OAK), an Architecture for Mode-Identification and Reconfiguration of Control systems Model-Based
P01743 Helmet System Including at Least Three Accelerometers and Mass Memory and Method for Recording in Real-Time Orthogonal Acceleration Data of a Head
P01761 Continuous Transform Method for Wavelets
P01768 Methods for Implementing Quantum Logic Operations Using Polarizing Beam Splitters
P01779 Patient Initiated Emergency Response System (PIERS)
P01783 Latitude Longitude Plotter
P01807 Wireless Network Physical Layer Intrusion Detection System
P01825 Chebyshev Data Compression
P01842 Universal Display Format (UDF) for Optimized Real-Time Display of Geographic Data
P01844 Reusable Java Library and Science Planning Tools
P01877 Adaptive Analysis Framework
P01881 Mission-Centric Network Defense System
P01905 Quantum Memory for Photonic Qubits
P01906 Source of Single Photons on Pseudo-Demand from Stored Parametric Down-conversion
P01911 High-fidelity Quantum Logic Operations Using Linear Optical Elements
P01912 APL-SASEA-An Oceanographic Data Analysis System
P01945 Radiance Library Forecasting for Time-Critical Hyperspectral Target Detection Systems
P01980 A Better and Faster Design and Evaluation Tool for Large Systems
P01994 Sensor-to-sensor track correlation algorithms (1) Vector sort and (2) distance sort
P02039 High Fidelity Data Compression for Acoustic Arrays
P02056 Adaptable Channel Testbed for Investigating On-the-move Wireless Nodes (ACTION)
P02083 Adaptive Image Format Translation in an Ad-Hoc Network
P02144 Ground Moving Target Indicator (GMTI) Aided Video Registration
P02147 Design Methodology for Optimal Power Generation in Solar Vehicles Using Genetic Algorithms
P02175 Nanocavities for Use in Quantum Information Processing
P02190 Using Wearable Biometrics for Continuous Automated Authentication
P02223 TCM2 Data Recorder
P02248 Social and Contextual Navigation and Analysis of Email Archives
P02249 Dust Transport Application (DTA)
P02251 Prime-Rational Frequency Synthesis Method and Frequency Synthesizers
P02256 Three-dimensional Scanning System Which Combines a Photometric Stereo Method With a Structured Light Method to Obtain the Shape of an Object
P02276 An Information Visualization Software System to Manage Resource Access Control Policies
P02279 Advanced Programming Interface (API) for Integration With IVC-4300 Video Acquisition Card
P02280 Periscope Object Identifier
P02311 Intelligent Fusion of Multi-modal Biometric Inputs for Decision Making
P02316 Lossless Codec for Infrared or Monochrome Video
P02324 CollabSpace - An Advanced Geospatial Collaboration Environment
P02337 Method and System for Program Execution Integrity Measurement
P02344 Capability Based Planning Methodology and Tool
P02349 Trusted Ring Secure Platform Architecture
P02354 Graph Query Language (GQL) Syntax and Functionality for Efficient and Iterative Querying of Data Graphs
P02362 Systems and Methods for Providing Higher Assurance Software Construction via Aspects
P02372 Color-to-Lineweight Plotting Program for AutoCADŽ Software
P02387 A Method for Providing Adaptive Quality of Service Across Heterogeneous Networks
P02446 Method of Passive Forensic Identification of Networked TCP/IP Communication Endpoints
P02474 A Flexible Computational Framework for Systems Optimization
P02539 A Fast Protocol for Computationally Private Information Retrieval
P02612 Identification and Verification of Peripheral Devices Accessing a Secure Network
P02622 Systems and Methods for Remote Tagging and Tracking of Objects Using Hyperspectral Video Sensors
P02709 Systems Engineering Management Model (SEMM)
P02779 System and Method for Simulating Biofidelic Signals
P02787 System and Method for Measuring Staleness of Attestation Measurements
P02836 Critical Infrastructure Inspection Management System (CIIMS)
P02922 Secure Layered Iterative Gateway
P03096 Canonical Network Isolator Component (C-NIC) and the Pull-Push Super Typing Architecture (PPSTA)
P03331 Tactical Object Finder
P03366 Apparatus and Method for Identifying Related Code Variants in Binaries
P03372 A Correlation Algorithm for Geo-Location Position Measurements
P03544 Mall Crawler: Social Network Analysis for Reality Mining of Human Shopping Behavior
P05301 Memory-Linked Wavefront Array Processor