Electronics Technology

Reference# Technology
P00017 Optical Beam Deflection Thermal Imaging
P00059 Multiport Rectangular TE10 to Circular TE01 Mode Transducer Having Pyrimidal Shaped Transducing Means
P00091 Sharp Mode-Transducer Bend for Overmoded Waveguide
P00163 Air Inlet for Internal Cooling for Overmoded Waveguide
P00197 Non-Invasive Electromagnetic Technique for Monitoring Physiological Changes in the Brain
P00198 Apparatus for Winding Wire Onto an Arbor
P00250 Overmoded Waveguide Elbow and Fabrication Process
P00261 Phase Sensitive Differential Polarimetry Technique and Apparatus
P00316 Computer Aided Design for TE01 Mode Circular Waveguide
P00368 Discrete Automatic Gain Control with High Stability, High Speed and Low Distortion
P00391 Method for Detection of Weak Links in the Current Path of Electrically Continuous Superconductors
P00447 Accumulating Arithmetic Memory Integrated Circuit
P00448 Short-Circuit-Proof DIP Test Clip
P01021 Electron Density Storage Device and Method Using STM
P01031 Adaptable Multiport Test Fixture System
P01102 Optical-Digital Method and Processor for Pattern Recognition
P01145 Video-Centroid Chip
P01274 Integrated Power Source
P01308 Apparel and Sensor Coverings with Energy Converting, Storing and Supplying Capabilities and Other Electrical Components Integrated...
P01314 Microelectromechanical (MEMS)-Based Magnetostrictive Magnetometer
P01315 Automatic Battery Power Switch
P01325 Floating GPS Cylindrical Slot Antenna
P01388 Chip Technology
P01391 Thermal Ionization Detector
P01392 Rechargeable Shoe
P01395 Remote Input/Output (RIO) Smart Sensor Analog-Digital Chip
P01510 Radio Frequency Beacon
P01517 Anti-Backfeed Circuit Breaker
P01540 Electronic Safety for Semi-Automatic Handgun
P01570 Explosive Detection Instrument
P01591 Micro-Machined Metal-Insulator-Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor (MISFET) with an Air-Gap Insulating Layer
P01620 Dual Frequency Scanning Harmonic Radar for Detection and Identification of Concealed Metallic Weapons and Electronics
P01621 Single Event Upset Immune Logic Family
P01643 Area of Interest Selection Circuit for Image Sensor and/or Position Sensing Detector
P01657 Digital Video Authenticator
P01664 X-Band Solid State Power Amplifier (SSPA)
P01672 Ka-Band Digital Phase MMIC
P01694 Mechanical Filter/Mixer for Radio Frequency Applications
P01702 Evolved OPTSAT (with Connectivity Through Weather and Inertia-less Beam Scanning)
P01703 Universal Adapter for Integrated Circuit
P01706 Airborne Pathogen Neutralization
P01715 Optimal Ensembling of Ultrastable Crystal Oscillators
P01758 Ambulatory Health Monitor
P01801 High Temperature Light Guide
P01802 The Time of Flight System on a Chip (TOF Chip)
P01820 Weak Signal and Anti-jam GPS Receiver Using Full Correlation Grid
P01821 Bit Depth Reduction for Analog to Digital Conversion in Global Positioning System Receivers Operating in High Jamming Environments
P01833 Spiral Resonator-Slot UHF Antenna
P01855 Lorentz Force Assisted MEMS-based Microwave Switch
P01876 Method and Apparatus for Accurate, Digital Monitoring a Receiver Frequency via Telemetry without the Need for Calibration of Analog Components
P01944 Driver Monitor System
P01990 Authentication of Injection Molded Epoxy-Based Electronics Packages Using Molecularly Imprinted Taggants
P02093 Long Coherent Integration of Deep-fade GPS Signals During the Handover Word (HOW) Portion of the GPS Message
P02175 Nanocavities for Use in Quantum Information Processing
P02180 Rad Hard, Low Power Galvanically-Isolated Signal Buffer
P02196 Efficient Ultra Low Voltage Regulation Electronics
P02216 Electrode Array to Determine Specific Axonal Firing in a Peripheral Nerve
P02251 Prime-Rational Frequency Synthesis Method and Frequency Synthesizers
P02269 Data analysis software for data collected by Driver Monitoring System
P02272 Wireless Wearable Electronic Tags for Patient Triage
P02336 Advanced Thin Flexible Microelectronic Assemblies and Methods for Making Same
P02417 Method of Detecting Molecules
P02604 Apparatus and Method for High Frequency Low Pressure Arc Flash Sensor
P02672 System and Method for Determining Location of Submerged Submersible Vehicle
P02710 System and Method for Determining Position of Hall Sensors Relative to the Stator Winding of Brushless DC or Synchronous AC Permanent Magnet Motor
P02753 Motor Controller that Reliably Starts and Quickly Ramps Miniature Turbo Molecular Pumps to Maximum Speed
P02755 Thin Film Electrodes Including Metal Tubes Filled with Active Material and Battery Cells, and Methods of Fabrication
P02873 Apparatus and Methods for 3-D Stacking of Thinned Die
P02884 Instantaneous Measurement of the Internal Temperature in Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Cells
P02899 High Energy Fiber Laser Modulator
P03060 Automatic Device Alignment Mechanism
P03245 Multiple Grasp Prosthetic Terminal Device
P03556 Single Pixel Multicolor Passive Display
P03619 FLOXIR - Fs Laser-Induced Oxidation/Reduction of Materials: Processes, Applications and Devices
P03620 High-sensitivity chip-scale magnetic field amplitude detection