Communications and Distributed Systems

Reference# Technology
P00012 Local Area Communication Network
P00091 Sharp Mode-Transducer Bend for Overmoded Waveguide
P00129 High Speed Imaging Television System
P00141 Coherent Radar Digital Data Collector and Sampling Technique for Noncoherent Transmitter Radars
P00465 A Portable Rapidly Erectable Discone Antenna
P01183 AM/FM Multi-Channel Implantable/Ingestible Bio-Medical Monitoring Telemetry System
P01227 High-temperature Superconducting Thin Film Nonbolometric Microwave Detection System and Method
P01325 Floating GPS Cylindrical Slot Antenna
P01372 Networked Sensor System (NESSY)
P01434 "SPARCL" High Bandwidth Space-to-Ground Data Transmission System Concept
P01488 Hybrid Inflatable Antenna
P01514 Java Enhanced Distributed System Instrumentation (JEDSI) for Measuring the Performance of Large Distributed Systems
P01579 Steerable three-dimensional magnetic field sensor system for detection and classification of metal targets
P01636 Controlled Beam Steering Using Two-Beam Coupling for Optical Routing Applications
P01652 Integrated Adaptive Antenna Array and Adaptive Locally-Optimum Detection Processor
P01653 Expendable Beam Transmissiometer
P01664 X-Band Solid State Power Amplifier (SSPA)
P01676 Cable-to-House Wideband Wireless Link and Relay
P01695 Integrated Optical Mono-pulse Tracking System for Full Duplex Optical Communication
P01702 Evolved OPTSAT (with Connectivity Through Weather and Inertia-less Beam Scanning)
P01709 Open Autonomy Kernel (OAK), an Architecture for Mode-Identification and Reconfiguration of Control systems Model-Based
P01736 Crosslink Transceiver for Integrated Navigation and Communication Among Multiple, Distributed Spacecraft
P01801 High Temperature Light Guide
P01833 Spiral Resonator-Slot UHF Antenna
P01899 Integrated, All Photonic Lighting, Heating, Cooling and Communications for Buildings
P01904 Method for Adaptable, Distributed and Synchronized Signal Observation
P01942 Mechanism for Aiming Lasers with High Precision Anti-jamming Applications
P01970 High Altitude Remote Probe (HARP)
P02015 Serial and Ethernet Over-The-Horizon (SOTH/EOTH) Communication System
P02050 Synchronous Sleep Mechanisms for Wireless Sensor Networks
P02075 Simultaneous Bi-directional Digital Data Transfer Over A Single Transmission Line
P02089 Media Access Control (MAC) Protocol for neXt Generation (XG) Radio System
P02116 Submarine Speed and Depth Communications Enabling Technologies and At-Sea GPS Reception Demonstration
P02132 Space-time codes for linearly labelled PAM, PSK, QAM and related constellations using gray mapping
P02164 Broadband Clock Recovery Circuit Using YIG Oscillators
P02241 Dual-Band RF/Optical Antenna
P02251 Prime-Rational Frequency Synthesis Method and Frequency Synthesizers
P02391 Remotely Directed Vehicle Inspection System
P02479 Wide Bandwidth Variable Gain Optical Amplifier for Optical Communications Systems
P02715 High Speed Error Detector for Fading Propagation Channels
P02782 Photonically Enabled High Data Rate Millimeter Wave Wireless Communications Link
P02822 Apparatus and Method for Stabilizing Power to an Optical Multimode Receiver
P02850 Design and Functionality of an Antenna Tuner Using Phase-Locked Loop as the Controller
P02860 Adaptive Medium Access Control
P03266 Cueing System for Universal Optical Receiver
P03594 GPU Receiver
P03637 Space Inner-Domain Routing