Biomedical/Biochemical Technology

Reference# Technology
P00031 Electro-Optical Device for Monitoring Instantaneous Singlet Oxygen Concentration Produced During the Treatment of Cancer
P00145 Self-Injurious Behavior Inhibiting System
P00146 Plural Module Medication Delivery System
P00150 Manually Actuated Hydraulic Sphincter
P00152 Single Valve Diaphragm Pump with Decreased Sensitivity to Ambient Conditions
P00153 Method for Clearing a Gas Bubble from a Positive Displacement Pump Contained within a Fluid Dispensing System
P00155 Prosthetic Elbow with a Motor-driven Release Mechanism
P00156 Portable pH Data Collector
P00169 Apparatus for Inhibiting Self-Injurious Behavior (SIB) in Patients
P00193 Vascular Averting Instrument
P00194 Computer-Controlled Neurological Stimulation System
P00197 Non-Invasive Electromagnetic Technique for Monitoring Physiological Changes in the Brain
P00245 Minimum Interface Biomedical Monitoring System
P00328 Ingestible Size Continuously Transmitting Temperature Monitoring Pill
P00334 Automatic Detection of Seizures Using Electroencephalographic Signals
P01068 Bone Substitute for Training and Testing
P01106 Method and Apparatus to Identify and Treat Neovascular Membranes in the Eye
P01132 Method and System for Automated Detection of Microcalcification Clusters in Mammograms
P01141 Optical Feature Extraction Apparatus and Encoding Method for Detection of DNA Sequences
P01183 AM/FM Multi-Channel Implantable/Ingestible Bio-Medical Monitoring Telemetry System
P01190 Methods and Apparatus for Improved Visualization of Choroidal Blood Flow and Aberrant Vascular Structures in the Eye
P01231 Non-invasive Fetal Heart Signature Monitor
P01256 Optimization of Radiation Treatment Planning
P01268 Passive Alarm System for Blind and Visually Impaired Individuals
P01272 Multi-Channel Pill with Integrated Optical Interface
P01312 Passive Method to Objectively Quantify the Level and Density of a Neural Blockade
P01324 Intravenous Feed Anchor System (IVFAS)
P01349 Friction Transmission with Axial Loading and a Radiolucent Surgical Needle Driver
P01361 Passive Intraocular Pressure Sensor and Patient-worn Monitoring Recorder
P01364 Video Ophthalmoscope with Single-Adjustment Focus
P01373 Miniature Immuno-Optical Rapid Analyte Sensor Platform
P01377 Noninvasive Magnetic Sensing of Human Prostate Tumor
P01396 Emergency Life Support System
P01430 Vestibular Irrigator Test System (VITS)
P01442 Eye Fixation Monitor and Tracker
P01449 DEXA Scanner System
P01465 Simple and Modular Reflectron Construction Using Flexible Circuit Board Material
P01474 Rapid Chest Tube Inserter
P01486 System and Method for Diagnosing Pathologic Heart Conditions
P01493 Catalytic Inhibitor for Use in Anhydrous Ammonia to Counter Illicit Drug Manufacture
P01518 A Gridless, Focusing Ion Source for a Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer
P01520 Cross-hatched, focused, x-ray scatter reduction grid fabricated by lamination technique
P01544 Database and Knowledge-base Enhancements
P01549 Device for Rendering an Injection Syringe Single-Use Only
P01551 Assessment of Tooth Structure Using Laser Based Ultrasonics
P01552 Clinician's Portable, Digital, Intelligent Assistant (Pain Informatics Program)
P01554 Low Pressure Electronically Controlled Valve
P01560 Method and System for Bio-Surveillance Detection and Alerting
P01583 Improvement in Performance of a Microchannel Plate Detector Assembly Using a Miniature Anode (Micro-node)
P01595 Field-Portable Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer System
P01598 Method and System for Outpatient Monitoring
P01605 Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer Array (TOF Spectrarray)
P01613 Plasminogen Activator to Prevent Haze After Laser Eye Surgery
P01649 Transdermal Optical Communication System
P01678 Use of Cytokines and Other Host Cell Response Molecules Collected from Breath as Non-Invasive Method to Detect Infectious Disease
P01683 Refreshable Tactile Computer Display for the Blind
P01688 Method and Apparatus for Imaging and Spectroscopy of Tumors and Determination of the Efficacy of Anti-tumor Drug Therapies
P01690 Intra- and Inter-Body Wireless Communication and Modular-Payload Capsules
P01706 Airborne Pathogen Neutralization
P01720 The Cardiac Auscultatory Recording Database (CARD): an Internet-based Software Program and Digital Heart Sound Recording Database for Teaching and Study of Cardiac Auscultation
P01734 Blood Iron Removal for Sufferers of Hemochromatosis Using a Selectively Permeable Molecularly Imprinted Polymer Dialysis Membrane
P01750 Thermal Pain Probe
P01754 Dual-Sided Microchannel Plate Detector Mount for Coaxial Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometers
P01758 Ambulatory Health Monitor
P01777 Techniques for Early Detection of Localized Exposure to an Agent Active on a Biological Population
P01779 Patient Initiated Emergency Response System (PIERS)
P01784 Techniques for Deriving Tissue Structure from Multiple Projection, Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry
P01786 Portable Ventilator with a Manifold-Muffler System
P01790 Low-cost Flexible Manufacturing Techniques for Bradbury-Neilson Gates and Similar Interdigital Structures for Use in Miniature Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometers and Other Related Applications
P01809 Methods and Devices for Detection and Diagnosis of Malaria
P01813 Detection of Genuine and Hoax Biological and Non-biological Contaminants on Various Media
P01826 Remote Screening and Diagnosis of Malaria and Other Blood Borne Parasites
P01827 Surface Structure Measurement Device
P01828 Method and Apparatus for Detection of Bio-Aerosols
P01841 Cortisol Sensor for Soldier Stress and Fatigue Monitoring
P01845 A Highly Sensitive Procedure for the Detection of Blood in Stool for Indications of Colon Cancer, Internal Bleeding, Disease and Other Traumas
P01849 The Use of Laser Desorption and Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization Mass Spectrometry for the Detection of Occult Blood in Biomedical Applications
P01856 Autonomous Ingestible Probe for Diagnosis and Therapy of Gastrointestinal Lesions Using Fluorescent Molecules
P01860 Acoustic Sleep Apnea/Hypopnea Detector and Classifier
P01872 Combined Chemical/Biological Agent Detection by Mass Spectrometry
P01873 A New Class of Anticancer Drugs
P01877 Adaptive Analysis Framework
P01879 A Microfabricated Array Sensor for the Electrochemical Detection of Biological Molecules
P01888 A Colorimetric Sensor for Biogenic Diamines to be Molecularly Imprinted into Polymers
P01895 Non-invasive Health Monitor
P01910 Sample Retrieval Device for Environmental Aerosol Collection Used in Conjunction with a Field-Portable Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer
P01921 MRI Flex Circuit Catheter Imaging Coil
P02001 Pressurized Drinking System (PDS)
P02020 Ocular and Microsurgery Device Controlled by Artificial Muscles
P02025 X-Ray Cassette Alignment and Centering System
P02038 Variable Angle Linear Slot Scanning Digital X-ray Device
P02087 Soluble, Processible Molecularly Imprinted Macromolecules
P02095 Assisted Drug Delivery Device
P02133 Enhanced Sampling Device
P02190 Using Wearable Biometrics for Continuous Automated Authentication
P02216 Electrode Array to Determine Specific Axonal Firing in a Peripheral Nerve
P02239 Enhanced Optical Methods to Break Spore Coating
P02252 An Unclad Fiber Optic Sensor for Measuring Chromophoric Compounds in Human Blood and Amniotic Fluid
P02260 Adaptable Fetal Heart Monitor Patient Interface
P02272 Wireless Wearable Electronic Tags for Patient Triage
P02310 Thermally Induced Decontamination Environments
P02311 Intelligent Fusion of Multi-modal Biometric Inputs for Decision Making
P02331 Microfabricated Substrate for the Collection of DNA (Micro-sandpaper)
P02379 Purification and Concentration of Proteins from Complex Samples Using Aptamers and the Interaction between Nucleic Acids and Silica
P02380 Purification and Concentration of Proteins and DNA from a Complex Sample Using Isotachophoresis and a Device to Perform the Purification
P02417 Method of Detecting Molecules
P02428 Novel Patterning Techniques for DNA-sensing Microarray Fabrication
P02616 Methods and Systems to Implement a Surrogate Head Model and Directly Measure Brain/Skull Relative Displacement
P02647 Multi-Modal Neural Interfacing for Prosthetic Devices
P02765 Concentration, Purification and Separation of Nucleic Acids and Proteins by Isotachophoresis
P02779 System and Method for Simulating Biofidelic Signals
P02791 Topical Compositions and Methods of Detection and Treatment
P02814 Cellulose-Based Hydrogels and Methods of Making Thereof
P02820 Implantable Pressure-Actuated Drug Delivery Systems and Methods of Manufacture and Use
P02858 Wound Healing Compositions Comprising Biocompatible Cellulose Hydrogel Membranes and Methods of Use Thereof
P02957 Magnetoencephalography System and Method for 3D Localization and Tracking of Electrical Activity in Brain
P03199 Blast Attenuating Earplug
P03224 Automated Pneumothorax Detection
P03245 Multiple Grasp Prosthetic Terminal Device
P03619 FLOXIR - Fs Laser-Induced Oxidation/Reduction of Materials: Processes, Applications and Devices
P03620 High-sensitivity chip-scale magnetic field amplitude detection
P03669 System and Method to Rapidly Design Viral Vaccines to Prevent Vaccine Failure
P10189 Wheelchair Toileting Module and Method