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12/05 APL Technology Helping to Make Hydrogen-Powered Vehicles a Reality
10/04/05 Lieutenant Governor Steele Speaks at Patents and Pizza Event
09/19/05 APL Licenses Technology to Detect Explosives
05/05 APL Helping to Slam the Door on Prison Violence (More Press Coverage)
04/24/05 Regional Public Health Officials Test APL-Developed Disease Surveillance System
04/20/05 Johns Hopkins APL Names Inventions of the Year
04/18/05 Johns Hopkins APL to Announce Top Inventions, Inventors at April 21 Event
01/27/05 APL Licenses Computerized Heart Sound Analysis Techniques
10/25/04 Hopkins APL Startup Company Transforms 3-D Imaging Technology
06/03/04 NSBRI Funds Two Biomedical Projects at Johns Hopkins APL
04/20/04 Johns Hopkins APL Names Its Inventions of the Year
09/02/03 New Communication Technologies to be Showcased at JHU/APL
05/07/03 Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab Names Its Top Three Inventions of the Year
04/07/03 Johns Hopkins APL Licenses 'Safe Buildings' System to Neutralize Biological Threats
01/23/03 Johns Hopkins Options Heart Diagnostics Technologies to Zargis Medical Corporation
09/13/02 JHU/APL Launches Online Next Generation Sensor Initiative
04/30/02 Tumor-Imaging Technique is Named Johns Hopkins APL Top Invention of the Year
02/12/02 APL Licenses Flight Navigation Software Technology
12/18/01 APL Licenses Map Technology to North Star Science and Technology
10/09/01 JHU/APL Announces Option Agreement With EMS Technologies for Power Amplifiers
09/10/01 JHU/APL Announces Strategic R&D Alliance with Arbitron Inc.
05/11/01 Eye Drops That Prevent Laser-Surgery 'Haze' Named Johns Hopkins APL Invention of the Year
  APL Inventors Awarded at APL Patents and Pizza event
03/22/01 APL Announces Licensing Agreement with The BF Goodrich Company
08/08/00 APL Licenses Internet Technologies to Sphere Corporation
06/28/00 Food Toxin Sensor Selected as Johns Hopkins APL Invention of the Year
06/06/00 APL Launches Spin-off Company to Commercialize Software
05/02/00 APL Licenses Innovative Retinal Treatment Technology to Akorn, Inc.
04/28/00 APL Applies Its Expertise to Maryland Company
11/30/99 APL Launches First Spin-off: Syntonics LLC

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