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03/08/16 Method of Fabricating Thin Film Electrodes Including Metal Tubes Filled with Active Material
03/08/16 Automated Pneumothorax Detection
03/01/16 Gas Cell Semiconductor Chip Assembly
02/18/16 Published Patent Application: Flexible Readout and Signal Processing in a Computational Sensor Array
12/31/15 Published Patent Application: Influenza-Activated Constructs and Methods of use Thereof
12/29/15 Published Patent Application: System and Method for Impedance Matching in Antennas
12/24/15 Published Patent Application: Wound Healing Compositions Comprising Biocompatible Cellulose Hydrogel Membranes and Methods of use Thereof
12/15/15 Wound Healing Compositions Comprising Biocompatible Cellulose Hydrogel Membranes and Methods of use Thereof
12/01/15 Flexible Readout and Signal Processing in a Computational Sensor Array
12/01/15 Secure Layered Iterative Gateway
11/26/15 Published Patent Application: Stem Cell-Impregnated Therapeutic Patch
11/15/15 Published Patent Application: Preservation and Reconstitution of Cell-Free Protein Expression Systems
11/12/15 Published Patent Application: Adjustable Stiffness Morphable Manipulator
11/03/15 Cellulose Hydrogel Compositions and Contact Lenses for Corneal Applications
10/22/15 Published Patent Application: Apparatus and Method for Identifying Similarity Via Dynamic Decimation of Token Sequence N-Grams
10/20/15 Method of Producing Nanoparticle Taggants for Explosive Precursors
10/08/15 Published Patent Application: Method of Producing Nanoparticle Taggants for Explosive Precursors
10/08/15 Published Patent Application: Method for Detecting an Object via an Optical Phased Array
09/22/15 Cranial Bone Surrogate and Methods of Manufacture Thereof
09/22/15 Blast Attenuating Earplug
08/18/15 Published Patent Application: Process for Producing Non-Detonable Training Aid Materials for Detecting Explosives
08/18/15 Apparatus and Method for Identifying Similarity via Dynamic Decimation of Token Sequence N-Grams
08/11/15 High Gain Photo and Electron Multipliers and Methods of Manufacture Thereof
08/06/15 Patent Application Published: Secure Layered Iterative Gateway
08/06/15 Patent Application Published: Method for Coating a Medical Device with a Conformal Hydrogel
08/06/15 Apparatus and Method for Aligning Token Sequences with Block Permutations
08/04/15 System and Method for Atmospheric Correction of Information
07/21/15 Carbon Nanotube High Temperature Length Sensor
07/16/15 Fiber Optic Circuit Breaker
05/27/15 OTT Welcomes New Technology Manager, Ed Chalfin
05/14/15 Published Patent Application: Structured Lighting Applications with High Speed Sampling
04/30/15 APL Recognizes Top Inventors, Innovations and Publications
04/21/15 Human surrogate neck model
04/07/15 Control system for prosthetic limb
04/07/15 Apparatus and method for identifying related code variants in binaries
04/02/15 Sniffer Safer!
03/26/15 Miles O'Brien Story on PBR News Hour
03/24/15 Self-Healing Paint Could Save Navy Billions
03/05/15 Published Patent Application: Automated Pneumothorax Detection
03/03/15 Secure layered iterative gateway
03/03/15 High energy fiber laser modulator
03/03/15 Cueing system for universal optical receiver
03/03/15 Automatic device alignment mechanism
02/24/15 Battery phase meter to determine internal temperatures of lithium-ion rechargeable cells under charge and discharge
02/12/15 Published Patent Application: Cellulose Hydrogel Compositions and Contact Lenses for Corneal Applications
01/27/15 Adaptor system for deploying small satellites
01/26/15 Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab Receives $4 Million to Develop a Retinal Prosthesis
01/22/15 Published Patent Application: Analysis of DNA-Containing Samples and Resolution of Mixed Contributor DNA Samples
01/13/15 Device and method for continuously equalizing the charge state of lithium ion battery cells
01/13/15 Time-temperature indicator
01/13/15 Static dissipative cable ties, such as for radiation belt storm probes
01/05/15 Amputee Makes History with APL's Modular Prosthetic Limb
01/05/15 Norma Lee Todd: Johns Hopkins APL Records Tech Transfer Increase in 2014
01/05/15 Amputee Makes History with Modular Prosthetic Limb
12/30/14 Differential serial driver
12/30/14 Multiple grasp prosthetic terminal device
12/25/14 Published Patent Application: Mapping and Positioning System
12/16/14 Automated pneumothorax detection
12/16/14 System and method for simulating primary and secondary blast
12/12/14 Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory Reports Record Year for Technology Transfer
12/09/14 Tactical object finder
12/02/14 Release actuator employing components with different coefficients of thermal expansion
11/25/14 Apparatus and method for stabilizing power to an optical multimode receiver
11/25/14 Nanoparticle taggants for explosive precursors
11/18/14 Apparatus and method for increasing the effective capture area in optical terminals
11/13/14 Published Patent Application: Hybrid Augmented Realty Multimodal Operation Neural Integration
11/04/14 Methods and systems to convert a pulse power demand to a constant power draw
11/04/14 Molecularly imprinted polymers
10/28/14 System and method of solar flux concentration for orbital debris remediation
10/28/14 Cellulose-based hydrogels and methods of making thereof
10/21/14 Chip-scale optomechanical gravimeter
10/21/14 Purification and concentration of proteins and DNA from a complex sample using isotachophoresis and a device to perform the purification
09/23/14 Breathable microframe prosthetic interface
09/16/14 Small motor controller
09/09/14 Methods for improving atomicity of runtime inspections
09/09/14 Lidar system and method for detecting an object via an optical phased array
08/26/14 Adaptive interference canceller in a digital phase array
08/26/14 Methods and systems to encode and decode sequences of images
08/15/14 Tim Hughes from SpaceX to speak at the next Innovation Exchange
08/14/14 Advanced Armor Laminate Structures
07/29/14 Washer assembly for mounting on irregular surfaces
07/22/14 Biocompatible article for the treatment of water and production of energy
07/08/14 Fiber-optic automatic gain control systems and methods
06/24/14 Hyperspectral imaging for detection of skin related conditions
06/24/14 Electronic module with keyed connection to a wearable garment for monitoring physiological functions and method of use
05/18/14 CubeSat Miniature Satellites Poised to Disrupt Aerospace Industry
05/13/14 Methods and Systems to Implement a Surrogate Head Model and Directly Measure Brain/Skull Relative Displacement
05/13/14 System and Method for Determining Position of Hall Sensors Relative to Stator Winding of Brushless DC or Synchronous AC Permanent Magnet Motor
05/02/14 APL Recognizes Top Inventions, Researchers and Publications
04/15/14 Implantable Pressure-Actuated Drug Delivery Systems and Methods of Manufacture and Use
04/08/14 Method of Detecting Molecules
04/01/14 Automated Pre-Processing of Body-Mounted Magnetometer Data from Constellations of Low Earth Orbit Satellites for Derivation of Birkeland Current Signatures
03/25/14 Methods for Applying a Powder Metal Layer to Polymer Articles as an Antifouling Coating
03/19/14 Military Vehicles Could Soon Feature Self-Healing Paint
03/18/14 Adaptive Medium Access Control
03/10/14 OTT welcomes Nita Palmer
03/04/14 System and Method for Measuring Staleness of Attestation During Booting Between a First and Second Device by Generating a First and Second Time and Calculating a Difference Between the First and Second Time to Measure the Staleness
01/20/14 Scott Case from to speak at the next Innovation Exchange
01/10/14 Tiny Satellites Could Revolutionize Earth, Space Science Research

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