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Product History

The QT Viewer™ grew out of the need to quickly visualize and manipulate the very large data sets generated by LIDAR surveys - which often exceeded the capabilities of other products available at the time - without requiring the use of large and expensive high-end graphics super-computers in the field. The QT Viewer™ was the primary XYZ data processing tool of the U.S. Army Rapid Terrain Visualization program.

The QT Viewer™ was designed to maximize both speed and potential model size on Windows desktop and laptop platforms. Capable of displaying and manipulating in real time models of up to 200 million points (2 GB model size) QT Viewer™ can very quickly generate gridded surface models from raw XYZ data (~60 million points in 10 minutes on a 2.4 GHz Pentium IV with 1GB memory).

The QT Viewer™ could quickly and easily import, display, and manipulate 3-D LIDAR data, but was also perfectly suitable for other sources of georegistered 3-D surface data. The QT Viewer™ could manipulate models of up to two gigabytes (depending upon hardware resources) in real time that had been converted to one of its native formats, as well as importing raw height field data (ordered lists of floating point altitudes), GEOTIFF DEMs, and NIMA DTEDs. The QT Viewer™ could also generate models from raw ASCII XYZ data (with or without intensity) and create and display either gridded and triangulated surface models or ungridded point cloud models. The QT Viewer™ also included many other data manipulation features such as: visually cutting/cropping data, overlaying photo imagery, performing mensuration, and generating line-of-sight or shadow maps.

Original Features

Visualize and Manipulate Very Large Models

  • Manipulate models of up to 200 million points / 2 gigabytes in real time.
  • Display both surface and cloud-point models.
  • Designed to run on Windows Desktops with consumer-grade video cards.

Overlay Photos and Imagery

Images and photography could be overlaid on top of models either orthographically by specifying the image position and orientation or projectively by specifying the camera parameters.

Generate Models from Raw XYZ Data

  • ASCII XYZ Data could be quickly and easily imported, triangulated, and used to generated either gridded surface models or ungridded point cloud models.
  • The QT Viewer™ could triangulate and grid ~60 million points in 10 minutes on a 2.4 GHz windows machine with sufficient memory.

Provides Many Other 3-D Data Manipulation Features

Other Features

  • Graphical model mensuration.
  • Render directly to arbitrarily large sized TIFF images.
  • Record fly-through movies for playback.

Product Contacts

QT Viewer™ has been licensed Applied Imagery, LLC and released as The Quick Terrain Modeler and the Quick Terrain Reader

Licensing and Product Information:

Chris Parker
Applied Imagery, LLC
8070 Georgia Avenue
Silver Spring, MD 20910

Phone: +1 (301) 589-4004
Fax: +1 (301) 588-4989


LEARN MORE  History | Features | Product Contacts