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What can it do? (RTV-NAV Features)

See: SH-NAV Features

LIDAR System Control

  • Simple, graphical controls for monitoring and configuring the ALTM LIDAR System.
  • Navigation Controls allow simple selection of flight lines for pilot display. GUI supports on-the-fly interpolation of new lines to fill coverage gaps.

RTV-NAV Interface

Graphical Flight Planning

  • Simple, point-and-click survey planning.
  • Survey Areas may be graphically drawn on map or defined by manually entering coordinates.
  • Windows automatically warn of eye-safe altitudes and other flight profile restrictions.
  • Windows automatically calculate required flight-lines and LIDAR configuration.

Calibration Planner

Survey Flight Planner

Real-Time Coverage Tracking

Fully zoom-able Real-Time monitoring of coverage, accounting for

  • GPS Position
  • IMU Roll, Pitch, and Heading
  • Altitude from LIDAR returns
  • LIDAR scan configuration
  • LIDAR roll compensation
  • LIDAR scanning mechanism characteristics

The image to the right is from a particularly turbulent test flight, where LIDAR roll-compensation was not used.

Coverage Tracking Display

Turbulent Conditions exaggerate effects.


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