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Features (APL-NAV Standard Features)

See: SH-NAV Features     See: RTV-NAV Features

Real-Time Navigation Map

  • Handles many objects (targets, aircraft, etc)

  • Attaches objects to either real-time data sources or simulated trajectories (defined using vectors and waypoints)

  • Maps common image formats onto background (using a defined center point and scale)

  • Automatically downloads maps for requested sites using the US Census Bureau TMS service.

  • Displays USGS map layers using ASCII lat/long files

  • Displays combinations of vector maps and image files
APL-NAV Vector Maps APL-NAV Image Maps

Real-Time Pilot Instruments

Enables accurate flight passes for tight geometries.   

  • CCDI : Circle about a Point

  • CDI   : Straight Line

  • HVR  : Two-Dimensional Hover CDI
    (CDI = Course Direction Indicator)

Simulation and Training

Built in flight simulation capabilities for Planning and Training.

Flexible and Adaptable Software

Easily adapted to provide:

Other Features

Maintains an automated log of flight operations

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