Elgg screen shot Elgg is an open source framework for building social networking web sites. It uses a modular architecture that uses plugins to add or extend the functionality of the core engine. These Elgg plugins have been developed at JHU/APL for an Intranet application.


These plugins were developed to support a collaborative platform for internal use at JHU/APL. They extend and modify the Elgg platform. The plugins include:

  • A question and answer service
  • Ajax navigation
  • Digest email and other notification methods
  • Network visualization
  • User feedback integration
  • User-configured toolbar
  • Enhanced Wire


The plugins are available for download on the Elgg website.


Developer:   Cash Costello; 443/ 778-5909 (Baltimore Metro Area)
OTT:   Heather Curran; 443/ 778-7262 (Baltimore Metro Area);