Featured Technologies

The following samples taken from the Laboratory's hundreds of technologies available-for-license provide an in-depth view of a few APL technologies and their applications. For more information about any technology listed, contact us at the Office of Technology Transfer, or search all APL technologies.

Anti-Backfeed Circuit Breaker

Based on a simple, double pole, double throw design, the anti-feedback circuit breaker offers failsafe isolation of generator power from the commercial main power.

Automated Integrated Distress Device (AIDD)

The Automated Integrated Distress Device (AIDD), is a new safety device that boaters can carry aboard their vessels.

Drowsy Driver Detection System

A non-invasive system to detect the onset of fatigue and measure its effect on the driver's activity level and eyelid behavior using low-power Doppler radar and signal processing.

Digital Video Authenticator (DVA)

A system that uses frame-by-frame digital signatures, along with chain-of-custody records and a public key infrastructure, to robustly authenticate digital video for use as evidence in a court of law.

Revolutionizing Prosthetics

Revolutionizing Prosthetics is an ambitious multi-year program—funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)—to create a neurally controlled artificial limb that will restore near-natural motor and sensory capability to upper-extremity amputee patients