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Digital Video Authenticator

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What are the benefits?

Any organization involved with collecting evidence for use in civil or criminal legal cases could benefit from use of this technology. The system offers several of benefits:

  1. The DVA process preserves the digital video recording without alteration, unlike watermarking techniques, for example, which superimpose data over the evidence.

  2. Because signatures are created for every frame, even a single frame can be authenticated.

  3. The DVA is implemented on a palmtop or commercial laptop computer that attaches to standard, commercial off-the-shelf camcorders.

  4. Standards compliance, particularly the use of National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)-certified digital signature software, offers the sound, recognized scientific principles that a judge can rely upon in ruling on the admissibility of digital signatures to authenticate digital video evidence.

For digital video evidence to be used in court, law enforcement agencies and prosecutors must be able to demonstrate beyond a reasonable doubt that a digital video has not been altered since it was originally recorded. The verification technique must detect additions, deletions, or modifications, and it must satisfy legal criteria pertaining to scientific evidence. The presiding judge must determine whether the evidence is relevant and reliable, and the method the judge relies upon must be based on sound, recognized scientific principles. Testing has shown that the DVA system can satisfy the need for a dependable method of authenticating digital video evidence.

DVA verification identifies a tape failure in the video frame as camcorder-inserted digital interface blocks from previous frames.


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