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What is this product?

APL-NAV is a Flight Management package designed at The Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory to assist in the planning and execution of aerial photography and mapping exercises.  It is a fully integrated package which can graphically plan surveys on user-configurable maps, control system hardware, provide real-time navigation, track real-time coverage, manage virtual pilot instruments, and provide operator training.  It has been designed to be modular and flexible, so that it can be easily adapted to a variety of specialized tasks.  Modules can easily be added and removed to handle new data sources, new planning paradigms, and new system controls without significantly altering the main package.  It is written primarily in Perl/Tk using ActiveState Perl v5.22 and Tk 800.022, with some C libraries written in XS. Two versions of APL-NAV have been adapted to programs at APL: SeaHawk Ocean Photography Adaptation (SH-NAV) and RTV LIDAR Mapping Adaptation (RTV-NAV).

What can it do?

APL-NAV has been designed as a flexible package easily adaptable to a wide variety of mapping, navigation, and photography applications.  It consists of a standard package and several add-on features created for the two APL projects to which it has been adapted.
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Both versions of APL-NAV have seen extensive field use in the two APL projects to which it has been adapted: RTV and SeaHawk. LEARN MORE . . .

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