disclosed, patents issued, and licenses granted from July 2003 through December 2003 are listed below. Featured inventions are shown in blue and can be selected to display more information about that invention. For abstracts or licensing information on any of the listed technologies, call 443-778-7927 or e-mail:

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Biomedical/Biochemical Technology
Apparatus for Sensing Breast Cancer
Pressurized Drinking System
Apparatus and Method to Locate a Hole in a Tissue-Embedded Bone-Anchored Fastener
A Micromechanical Articulation Device Actuated by Electroactive Polymers for Ocular Surgery
X-Ray Cassette Alignment and Centering System
Intraoesteal Ultrasound Concept
Method of Detecting the 3rd Heart Sound
Variable Angle Linear Slot Scanning Digital X-Ray Device
TeleWatch Telemedicine System

Communications and Distributed Systems
1998 Propagation Network
Method for Monitoring Spacecraft Telemetry Via Optical or RF Link Using Existing Upper Stage Communications System
Optical Wireless Multi-Level Security Zones
Dual-band (Optical/RF) Ultra-Lightweight Antenna
2011 Emergent Control for Resource Management in Autonomous Distributed Sensor and Communications Networks
A Doppler Corrected Radio for the 802.11a Wireless Ethernet Standard
Serial and Ethernet Over-the-Horizon Communication System
Synchronous Sleep Mechanisms for Wireless Sensor Networks

Electronics Technologies
1989 Independent Zone Gain Control for Multi-Channel Plate Image Intensifiers
1993 A Built-in Test Circuit for Internal Verification of Embedded Sensors
1997 Series Driven Resonators to Deliver Increased AC and DC Voltages
2012 Wireless Power for Wireless Devices
2018 Method for Quantum Information Processing Using Single Photons and the Zeno Effect
Cellular Telephone Remote Functionality Programming
Method for Obtaining Optical Transduction of Mechanical Structure Moving Parallel to Sapphire Substrate Surface

Information Processing and Management

Methods of Employing Permutations for Steganographic and Cryptographic Communication Systems for Enhanced Security
Sensor-to-Sensor Correlation Algorithms for Object Tracking
2002 Self-Updating Spreadsheet
APL-WAVES Basic Software Version 1.0
Port of the Biometric Consortium’s BioAPI Reference Implementation Version 1.11 to the Hewlett Packard UNIX 10.20 Operating System
2035 Transition Package Assessment Model
2039 Passive Sonar Compression Algorithm

Materials and Structures

1990 Authentication of Injection Molded Epoxy-Based Electronics Packages Using Molecularly Imprinted Taggants
Mechanism to Deploy Fragile Payloads from Aircraft Without a Parachute and Without Damage
2027 A Modular Design for a Cylindrically/Prismatically Configured and Individually Fed Methanol-Air Fuel Cell System
2048 Methods and Connectors for Attaching Optical Fibers to Volume-Filling Optical Sensing Elements
2049 Methods of Tiling Sensors for Improved Spatial Resolution

Modeling and Simulation

2009 Software for Ballistic Missile Performance Assessment
2010 Air Speed Wind Tunnel Data Analysis Suite
Physics-Based Modeling of Acoustic Reverberation

Sensors and Sensor Systems

1916 A Miniature AC Amperometry System for Detecting Trace Quantities of Chemicals
1999 Design of a System to Inexpensively Monitor the Integrity of a Superstructure Under Heat Loads
2000 Dense Object Detection System and Method
2003 Personnel Screening Device for the Detection of Non-Metallic Concealed Contraband Using Microwave Backscatter
2004 A Multi-Foil Sensor
2013 Laser Serration of Envelopes for Efficient Liberation of Enclosed Pathogens and Directed Release into Collectors
2017 Battery Health Monitor
2022 Threat Identification in Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry
2024 Ventilation Systems for Supercavitating Projectiles and Vessels
2029 Multimedia Air Sampler
2030 Autonomous Biologic and Chemical Agent Sampling System
Miniature High-Temperature Integrating Sphere for Optical Fibers
2044 Stratospheric Tethered Balloon Integrated Sensor System

Space and Environmental Physics
2021 Optical Tomography of Gaseous Blast Clouds
2037 An Ultraviolet, Infrared Laser Camera and Altimeter
Method and Apparatus for Precise Onboard Measurement of the Range Rate Between Spacecraft

Vehicle Technology

1992 Planar Pulsed Plasma Thruster
2028 Advanced Liquid Propellant Micro Pulsed Plasma Thruster
2034 Dielectric Motor Configurations and Variable Speed Transmission Element Using Electroactive Polymers
Linear Displacement Micro Thrust Measurement System

"APL Patent Portfolio"
Polymeric Food Spoilage Sensor; Craig A. Kelly, George M. Murray, Manuel O. Uy (15 Jul 03)
6,597,631 Compact Expandable Platform Using Material Memory for Sensor Deployment; David A. Kitchin, Ronald W. Mitnick (22 Jul 03)
6,600,320 Apparatus with Movable Receiver Coil Array for Locating a Buried Metallic Object; Yanping Guo, Harvey W. Ko, Carl V. Nelson, David M. White (29 Jul 03)
6,602,293 Polymer Composite Orthopedic Implant; Paul J. Biermann, Jack C. Roberts, Amy A. Corvelli (05 Aug 03)

6,607,414 Method of Making an Ion Reflectron Comprising a Flexible Circuit Board; Timothy J. Cornish, Harry K. Charles, Jr., Paul D. Wienhold (19 Aug 03)
6,608,464 Integrated Power Source Layered with Thin Film Rechargeable Batteries, Charger and Charge Control; Ark L. Lew, Joseph J. Suter, Binh Q. Le (19 Aug 03)
6,608,589 Autonomous Satellite Navigation System; William S. Devereux, Robert J. Heins, Albert A. Chacos, Lloyd A. Linstrom, Mark S. Asher, Dennis J. Duven, Don M. Gruenbacher, Thomas L. Kusterer, Kim Strohbehn, Richard C. Morgan (19 Aug 03)
6,614,020 Gridless, Focusing Ion Extraction Device for a Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer; Timothy J. Cornish (02 Sep 03)
Method and Apparatus for Autonomous Solar Navigation; Yanping Guo (23 Sep 03)
6,637,255 Damped Paddle Wheel for Plasma Chamber Shock Tube; Leo R. Gauthier, Jr., Angela L. Wesner-Barrios, David M. VanWie (28 Oct 03)
6,647,983 Low-Pressure Valve; Dexter G. Smith, Michael P. Boyle, Protagoras N. Cutchis, William R. Allmon (18 Nov 03)
6,650,279 Method and Apparatus for Non-Coherent Navigation Using Low Frame Rate Telemetry; J. Robert Jensen, Matthew J. Reinhart, Karl B. Fielhauer, John E. Penn (18 Nov 03)
6,661,345 Alertness Monitoring System; Matthew G. Bevan, Henry A. Kues, Carl V. Nelson, Paul R. Schuster (9 Dec 03)

758778 Apparatus and Method for Non-Invasive, Passive Fetal Heart and Maternal Heart and Uterine Monitoring; Robert S. Greenberg, John A. Cristion, Edward J. Moses, Wayne I. Sternberger (17 Jul 03 - Australia)
0801534 Methods and Apparatus for Improved Visualization of Choroidal Blood Flow and Aberrant Vascular Structures in the Eye Using Fluorescent Dye Angiography; Robert W. Flower (30 Oct 03 – Europe)
2,298,828 Passive Method to Quantify Objectively the Level and Density of a Neural Blockade; Wayne I. Sternberger, Robert S. Greenberg (18 Nov 03 – Canada)
0929824 Delay Compensated Doppler Radar Altimeter; Russell K. Raney (19 Nov 03 – Europe: France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom)


Software for Three-Dimensional Visualization of Large Models is nonexclusively licensed to AFRL/MON/LMCA of Eglin A.F.B., Fla., Geo-Spatial Technologies, Inc. of Fort Belvoir, Va., NASA Langley Research Center of Hampton, Va., National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of Silver Spring, Md., SAIC of San Diego, Calif., U.S. Geological Survey of St. Petersburg, Fla. and both Esteio and LACTEC-Institute of Technology for Development of Curitiba, Brazil.

Multi-line Towed Acoustic Array Shape Measurement Unit is co-exclusively optioned to The Axis Group of Springville, Utah.

Generic Aerodynamics Terminal Homing Six-Degree-of-Freedom Simulation is nonexclusively optioned to Barron Associates, Inc., of Charlottesville, Va.

The Molecularly Imprinted Polymer Sensor Suite of Technologies, including those for drug residues, anions, blood iron, phosphate, nitrate and cortisol, are exclusively optioned to The Axis Group of Springville, Utah.

Secure, Optical and Millimeter Wave Communication Technologies is exclusively licensed to OPTeMAX, LLC of Ellicott City, Md.

The Compressed Gas Fuel Storage Suite of Technologies is exclusively optioned to The Axis Group of Springville, Utah.

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