A sampling of inventions disclosed, patents issued and licenses granted in the last year are listed below. For abstracts or licensing information on any of the listed technologies, call 443-778-7262 or e-mail: techtransfer@jhuapl.edu.

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Biomedical/Biochemical Technology
2464 Monitoring System Using Evidence-Based Heart Rate Variability Analysis
2496 Reactivity-Based Monomers for Sensing Organophosphate Esters
2497 Preparation and Use of Polymer Detectors Containing
Non-nucleophilic Amines
2507 Advanced Querying Features for Disease Surveillance Systems
2524 Surrogate Model of a 50th Percentile Human Torso
2528 Memory House
2529 Wireless Environmental Sensors for Bioprocessing Chambers
2536 Heart Beat Detection Algorithm
2544 Redirected Electrospray Sorting of Aerosolized Biological Particles
Communications & Distributed Systems
2444 Buoyant Antenna Array of Modular Sensors
2448 Method to Increase Dynamic Range in Parallel Analog-to-Digital Converters Using Independent Clock Frequencies
2513 A Delay-Tolerant Networking Protocol for Directional-Beam Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
2547 Model for Rapid Quality Estimation of Free-Space Optical Links
2555 High-Speed Variable Gain Free-Space Optical Receiver
Electronics Technology
2476 Assembling and Processing Method for Carbon Nanotubes at the Wafer Level
2481 Phase Difference Locked Loop for Out-of-Band Noise, Motion Artifacts, and Temperature Drift Reduction
2557 Nanotube Battery
2567 Wideband Analog-to-Digital Converter Using Photonic Sampling
Information Processing & Management
2446 Passive Forensic Identification of Networked TCP/IP Communication Endpoints
2450 Coherent Program Execution Integrity Measurement
2462 Information Work Space Automatic Chat Collector
2468 Improved Traffic Analysis Protection for Mix Router Anonymity Systems
2471 Measurement of Dynamically Loaded Program Code
2473 Graph Representation of Integrity Measure
2474 A Flexible, Computational Framework for System Optimization
2485 Off-Nadir Radar Clutter Suppression Using Polarimetric Selectivity
2508 Information Sharing for Public Health Surveillance
2509 Bayesian Biosurveillance Data Fusion Networks
2510 Distributed Architecture of Intelligent Decision Support Models for
Biosurveillance Applications
2514 Electrical Panel Schedule Tool for AutoCAD®
2521 Method for Evaluation and Development of Automated Public Health Monitoring Systems
2523 Automatic Composite Updating for AutoCAD®
2532 Review Software for Electronic References Based on Subject Matter
2539 A Fast Protocol for Computationally Private Information Retrieval
Materials and Structures
2493 Asymmetric, Monomolecular Polymer Organic Light-Emitting Diodes, Photovoltaics, and Sensors
2525 Electromechanical Fuses for Security Cloth
2534 Micro-faceted Thin-Film Appliqué Used as a Directional Reflector
2549 Progressively Crushable Body Armor
2553 Low-Density High-Voltage Insulation
Modeling and Simulation
2445 Stand-Alone, High-Fidelity, Web-Based Modeling and Simulation Environment
2487 Real-Time Performance Evaluation of a Submersed Body Influenced by a Larger Body
Sensors and Sensor Systems
2469 Method for Detection of Underground Activity Across a Monitored Perimeter
2472 Capacitor Failure Sensor
2489 Wide-Ranging Mechanical-Based Time-Temperature Recorder
2490 Wide-Ranging Electrochemical-Based Time-Temperature Recorder
2516 Molecularly Imprinted Polymer Scintillation-Based Sensors for Radionuclide Determination
2519 Isotope-Specific Resonance Ionization Spectroscopy
2520 Neutron Scintillate Based on a Mixture of Gadolinium and a Luminescent Lanthanide Wavelength Shifter
2526 A Gradient Moderated Neutron Energy Spectrometer
2554 Unsteady Supersonic Flow Control Device
2565 Molecularly Imprinted Polymer-Based Coating for Determination of Naphthalene Using Mass-Sensitive Detectors
2568 Dye-Labeled Displacement Assay Quantitation Using MIP-Coated Capillary Tubes
Space and Environmental Physics
2455 An Off-Axis Parabolic Reflecting Telescope
2467 N-Fold Spiral Wrapped Package and Deployment Scheme to
Maintain High Surface Accuracy
2511 Range Finder to Improve Safety of Parachute Landings
2542 Remote Determination of Planetary Body or Asteroid from a
Non-orbital Platform Using Opto- and Electro-mechanical Techniques
System Analysis, Test and Evaluation
2533 Hub and Spoke OTEC Plantship Systems for Production of Ammonia and Desalinated Water
Vehicle Technology
2475 Ultraviolet LED-Based Horizon Sensor for Spinning Aerospace Vehicles
2477 Low-Cost Sun Sensor for Spinning Aerospace Vehicles
2558 System for Detecting Smuggled SNM Material Onboard Container Ships

The complete list of APL patents is available here.

Sample of U.S. PATENTS Available for Licensing

7,159,474 Modular Sampling Device; Adam K. Arabian, Stuart D. Harshbarger, Charles W. Kerechanin II (9 Jan 07)
7,176,691 Switched Coil Receiver Antenna for Metal Detector; Carl V. Nelson (13 Feb 07)
7,179,461 Plasminogen Activator to Prevent Corneal and Subepithelial Haze after Laser Vision Correction; András Berta, Adrienne Csutak, David M. Silver, József Tözsér (20 Feb 07) (see lead article)
7,185,550 Time Domain Resolving Chemical Sampler Using Sorbent Material; Adam K. Arabian, Henry A. Kues (6 Mar 07)
7,186,022 X-ray Source and Method for More Efficiently Producing Selectable X-ray Frequencies; Thomas J. Beck, Harry K. Charles, Jr. (6 Mar 07)
7,187,619 Method and Apparatus for High-Frequency Passive Sonar Performance Prediction; Juan I. Arvelo, Jr., Patrick A. Ferat, Leslie A. Mobley (6 Mar 07)
7,187,866 System for Distributing Information and Energy Using Fiber Optic and Optical Wireless Networks; Donald D. Duncan, Jerry A. Krill (6 Mar 07)
7,197,143 Digital Video Authenticator; George R. Barrett, Nicholas D. Beser, Thomas E. Duerr, James H. Higbie (27 Mar 07)
7,197,197 Method for Detecting Projectile Impact Location and Velocity Vector; Leroy Brunner, David G. Drewry, Jr., Leo R. Gauthier, Jr. (27 Mar 07)
7,198,490 Apparatus and Method for Training Using a Human Interaction Simulator; Dale E. Olsen (3 Apr 07)
7,203,274 Method and Apparatus for Multiple-Projection, Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry Scanning; Thomas J. Beck, Harry K. Charles, Jr., Howard S. Feldmesser, Thomas C. Magee (10 Apr 07)
7,205,497 Apparatus and Method for Automated Parcel Screening; Adam K. Arabian, Micah A. Carlson, Stuart D. Harshbarger, Michael P. McLoughlin (17 Apr 07)
7,222,115 Definition and Maintenance of a Telemetry Database Dictionary; William P. Knopf (22 May 07)
7,253,740 Method and Apparatus for Monitoring for Failure Temperatures of a Structure; Russell P. Cain, Bliss G. Carkhuff, Andrew M. Lennon (7 Aug 07)
7,266,484 Techniques for Early Detection of Localized Exposure to an Agent Active on a Biological Population; Howard S. Burkom, Eugene Elbert, Joseph S. Lombardo, Farzad Mostashari (4 Sept 07)
7,271,397 Combined Chemical/Biological Agent Detection System and Method Utilizing Mass Spectrometry; Wayne A. Bryden, Robert J. Cotter, Scott A. Ecelberger (18 Sept 07)
7,272,492 Path Planning for Mine Countermeasures; Steven J. Marshall, Christopher B. McCubbin, Paul McNamee, Christine D. Piatko, Jessica L. Pistole, Cheryl L. Resch (18 Sept 07)
7,279,096 Polymer-Based Permeable Membrane for Removal of Ions; George M. Murray (9 Oct 07)
7,283,868 Apparatus for Sensing Human Prostate Tumor; Harvey W. Ko, Dexter G. Smith (16 Oct 07)
7,285,091 Assessment of Tooth Structure Using Laser-Based Ultrasonics; Kevin C. Baldwin, David W. Blodgett, Donald D. Duncan (23 Oct 07)
7,298,956 Transitions in Refractive Index Using Electro-Optics Polymers; Harry K. Charles, Jr., Arthur S. Francomacaro, Deborah M. Mechtel (20 Nov 07)
7,302,792 Pulsed Plasma Thruster and Method of Making; H. Bruce Land III, Tharen Rice, Daniel H. Simon (4 Dec 07)


Method and System for Automated Detection of Microcalcification Clusters in Mammograms, Method and System for Detecting Small Structures in Images, and Method and Apparatus for Segmenting Small Structures in Images are nonexclusively licensed to Hologic, Inc. of Bedford, Mass.

Information Technology in Support of Early Detection of Bioterrorist Events is nonexclusively licensed to Kingston, Frontenac and Lennox & Addington Public Health (KFL&A Public Health) of Kingston, Ontario, and The County of Stanislaus Health Services Agency (SCHSA) of Modesto, Calif.

Home Link System for Daily Monitoring of Outpatients is nonexclusively licensed to Johns Hopkins Healthcare LLC of Glen Burnie, MD.

High Temperature Light Guide is exclusively optioned to Fiber Optic Components, LLC of Sterling, Va.

Radiance Library Forecasting for Time-Critical Hyperspectral Target Detection Systems is nonexclusively optioned to Storm Center Communications, Inc. of Ellicott City, Md.

Meat Spoilage Sensor Processable Molecularly Imprinted Star Polymer Based Sensors for Phosphorous Compounds and Processable Molecularly Imprinted Star Polymer Based Sensors for Toxins and Other Proteins are exclusively optioned to MIPSolutions, Inc. of Spokane, Wash.

Optical Sensor and Software for Acoustic Monitoring, Identification, and Determination of Machine (Equipment) Health and Automated Machinery Monitoring System for Conditional Maintenance are exclusively optioned to OCTAVE Technology, Inc. of Ellicott City, Md.

Enhancement Sampling Device for SPME Sampling for Trace Chemical Constituents is exclusively optioned to Supelco, Inc. (Division of Sigma-Aldrich, Inc.) of Bellefonte, Pa.

Secure Wavelength Interleaved Multiplexing to Mitigate Dispersion and Security Issues in Optical Transmission Through Scattering Media, Flexible Optical Components for Multi-beam MEMS Optical Arrays to Facilitate Atmospheric Turbulence Compensation, Evolved OPTSAT (with Connectivity Through Weather and Inertia-less Beam Scanning), and A Service-Oriented Architecture for Management of Free-Space Optical Communications Networks are exclusively optioned to OPTeMAX, LLC of Marriottsville, Md.

CollabSpace­—An Advanced Geospatial Collaboration Environment is exclusively optioned to DRS C# Systems, LLC of Gaithersburg, Md.

Low Phase Noise RF/Microwave Frequency Generator Based on Dual-Wavelength Fiber Laser Using Stimulated Brillouin Scattering Gain is exclusively optioned to Pharad, LLC of Glen Burnie, Md.

Finite Element Model of the 5th Percentile Male Human Torso is nonexclusively licensed to Romesh Batra of Blacksburg, Va.

Information Work Space Automatic Chat Collector is nonexclusively licensed to Air Force Research Laboratory/HEA of Mesa, Ariz.

Light Weight Heart Beat Detection Algorithm is nonexclusively licensed to Tammara Massey of Los Angeles, Calif.

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