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Biomedical/Biochemical Technology
1791 Compact, Efficient, Thin Transmission Target X-ray Source with Integral Spray Cooling
1793 Diagnosis of Pathogen Infections Using Mass Spectral Analysis of Immune System Modulators
1797 Neurostimulator Electronics Module and Software
1808 Electronic Personal Learning Aids for Students with Attention Deficits
1809 Methods and Devices for Detection and Diagnosis of Malaria
1810 Metal Ion Based Cationic Antibiotics
1813 Detection of Biological and Non-biological Contaminants on Various Media
1826 Methods and Devices for Digital Microscopy Based Automated Diagnosis of Blood-borne Parasites
1827 Improved Optical Method of Assessing Tooth Surfaces
1828 Method and Apparatus for Detection of Bio-Aerosols
1832 Electrostatic/Acoustic Airborne Particles Collector/Concentrator
1841 Method to Accumulate and Increase the Concentration of Heme in Test Samples for Transporting and Testing
1845 Method to Accumulate and Increase the Concentration of Heme in Test Samples for Transporting and Testing
1849 Use of Laser Desorption (LD) and Matrix Assisted LD Ionization Mass Spectrometry to Detect Fecal Blood
1850 Direct Mass Spectroscopic Analysis of Blood Samples to Detect Heme as an Indicator of Malaria Infection
1856 Autonomous Ingestible Probe for Diagnosis and Therapy of Gastrointestinal Lesions Using Fluorescent Molecules
1860 Acoustic Sleep Apnea/Hypopnea Detector and Classifier

Communications and Distributed Systems
1843 Expedient Relay Diversity
1846 GPS Message Ephemeris Reconstruction Algorithm
1857 Information and Control Architecture for Cooperative Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
1861 Remote Monitoring and Relaying Device for Audible Alarms
1866 Model for Optical Communication Link Availability through Aerosol Media

Electronics Technologies
1801 High Temperature Light Guide
1804 Cost Saving Electronic Keying to Facilitate the Use of COTS Equipment and Various Cables
1833 Spiral Resonator-Slot UHF Antenna
1838 Modular Polarization State Controlled Variable Attenuating Filter for Optical Pyrometry
1851 Deposition and Delineation of Thick Metal Layers onto Nonplanar Substrates for Use in Microelectronic Circuits
1855 Lorentz Force Assisted MEMS-based Microwave Switch
1859 Real Time Feedback for Media, Advertising and Other Surveying
1862 Adaptive Kalman Filter Processor for Estimation and Control of an Ensemble Clock/Oscillator

Information Processing and Management

1795 Hardware Only Multi-User Lookup Engine
1803 OPTIMATR—Software for Computing the Optical Properties of Materials
1805 Software for Input, Classification, Annotation and Retention of Document, Web and Object Profile Records
1806 NTDS-to-Ethernet Software Package
1807 Wireless Network Physical Layer Intrusion Detection System
1811 Distributed, Scalable Bayesian Truth-Maintenance
1825 Chebyshev Data Compression
1829 Software for Automated Coding of Medical Records
1834 Markov Blanket Control Networks
1835 3DVis—Real-time, Windows-based PC 3D Visualization Software
1842 Big and Little Endian-Universal Display Format
1854 JLIB: A Collection of Generally Useful, Reusable, Software developer Oriented Java Packages
1863 Three-dimensional Scanner for Archeological Artifacts
1865 Sequence of Events Keyword File Generator
1867 TIMED Telemetry Definition System
1868 TIMED Assessment Plotting System

Materials and Structures

1792 Cryogenic Cooling Utilizing Multiple Cryocoolers
1799 Thermal Control for Body Armor-Use of Specialized Films to Reduce IR and Conductive Heat Loads
1816 Surface Preparation of Metals to Adhere Polyethylene Molding
1831 Safe Products for Prisoners Using Non-Reformable Materials and Designs
1837 Light Weight, Low Bulk, Highly Rigid, Collapsible Evacuation Stretcher

Modeling and Simulation

1798 Validated OPNET Models of Computer Network Attacks

Sensors and Sensor Systems

1790 Low Cost, Flexible Manufacturing Techniques For Interdigital Bradbury-Neilson Gate Structures
1796 Wireless Power Scavenging Networked Sensor Array
1800 Micro Bending of Fiber Optic Cables to Enhance Side Light Capture
1812 Method for Enhanced Aerosol Particle Collection Efficiency
1815 Precision Air-Dropped Surveillance System for Covert Data Collection
1817 Means for Self-calibration of a Load-cell-based Wave Height Buoy
1818 Fluid Sampling Interface for a Submerged Water-Borne Vehicle
1819 Vessel for Solid Phase Micro-Extraction Chemical Sampling
1822 Multi-Line Towed Acoustic Array Shape Measurement Unit
1823 Temperature Compensated Flow Limiter
1830 Use of Tunneling or Measurement of Electrochemical Current in a Miniature Flow Cell to Detect and Discriminate a Single Molecule
1840 Optimized Construct for a Vehicle-Borne Fluid Sampling Interface
1853 Sensitive Neutron Detection Based on Boron Activated Liquid Scintillation
1858 An Embeddable Corrosion Rate Meter for Remote Monitoring of Infrastructures
1864 Use of an Impulse Extraction Ion Source to Improve Resolution and Mass Range for a Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer
1869 Roaming Thermostat

Space and Environmental Physics
1794 Rapid Airborne Deployed and Recovered Soil and Water Sample Probe
1802 Time of Flight System on a Chip (TOF Chip)
1814 Method for Using GPS and Crosslink Signals to Correct Ionospheric Errors in Space Navigation Solutions
1820 Weak Signal and Anti-jam GPS Receiver Using Full Correlation Grid
1844 Reusable Java Library and Science Planning Tools

Vehicle Technology

1821 Bit Depth Reduction for Analog to Digital Conversion in GPS Receivers in High Jamming Environments
1824 Spark Jet Actuator
1836 Commercial Vehicle Electronic Screening Hardware/Software System
1839 Method and Apparatus for Supplying Gas Free Propellant
1847 Architecture for Multi-Vehicle Cooperative Autonomy with Small UAVs
1848 Seat-Based Weight Sensor for Automobiles
1852 Liquid-Propellant Micro Pulsed Plasma Thruster

"APL Patent Portfolio"
3,310,676 Methods and Apparatus for Improved Visualization of Choroidal Blood Flow and Aberrant Vascular Structures in the Eye Using Fluorescent Dye Angiography; Robert W. Flower.
(24 May 02 - Japan)
6,337,627 System of Providing Medical Treatment; James H. Anderson, Scott J. McAllister, John C. Murphy, Robert J. VonGutfeld, James F. Ziegler, Matthias D. Ziegler. (08 Jan 02)
6,346,912 Radio Frequency Beacon; Paul A. Bernhardt, James M. Cloeren, Matthew J. Reinhart, Joseph J. Suter. (12 Feb 02)
6,363,527 Thermal Control Apparatus for Body Armor; Matthew G. Bevan, Paul J. Biermann.
(02 Apr 02)
6,369,383 Ion Reflectron Comprising a Flexible Printed Circuit Board; Harry K. Charles, Jr., Timothy J. Cornish, Paul D. Wienhold. (09 Apr 02)
6,373,449 Hybrid Inflatable Antenna; Robert S. Bokulic, William E. Skullney, Cliff E. Willey.
(16 Apr 02)
6,388,422 Methods for Making Apparel and Sensor Coverings; Ark Lew. (14 May 02)
6,389,377 Method and Apparatus for Acoustic Transient Processing; Gert Cauwenberghs, Robert T. Edwards, Fernando J. Pineda. (14 May 02)
6,411,095 Apparatus and Method for Locating an Object; Daniel C. Chin, Rengaswamy Srinivasan, Paul R. Zarriello. (25 Jun 02)


Architecture for Distributed Information Access (ADINA) is nonexclusively optioned to BioSequent Informatics, LLC of Millersville, Md.

The Ocean Surface Wave Identification and Tracking System (WAVES) is nonexclusively licensed to Shell Global Solutions International of The Netherlands.

Fiber Optic Ionizing Radiation Detection is exclusively optioned to Beacon Research, Inc., of Gaithersburg, Md.

Freestanding Reactive Multilayer Foils is exclusively licensed to Reactive NanoTechnologies, Inc., of Baltimore, Md.

OPTIMATR—Software for Computing the Optical Properties of Materials is nonexclusively licensed to ECHOSCAN, INC., of Niagara Falls, N.Y.

Multiple Image Coordinate Extraction (MICE), Real-Time Video Integration with Mapping Software in nonexclusively licensed to SkyBitz, Inc., of Dulles, Va.

A Self-Monitoring Controller for Quartz Crystal Microbalance Sensors is exclusively licensed to QCM Research of Laguna Beach, Calif.

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