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12/22/16 Johns Hopkins University, Applied Physics Laboratory Join Facebook Research Agreement
12/22/16 Published Patent Application: Instrumented Rail System
12/22/16 Published Patent Application: Hardware and System for Single-Camera Stereo Range Determination
12/22/16 Published Patent Application: Non-Linear Associator and Motion Discriminator
12/15/16 Watch These Self-Driving Boats Get in Formation
11/29/16 Method and Apparatus for Automated Vulnerability Detection
11/29/16 Published Patent Application: Methods of Manufacture and Use of Implantable Pressure-Actuated Drug Delivery Systems
11/10/16 Published Patent Application: Capacitive Liquid Crystal Biosensors
11/28/16 Johns Hopkins APL’s CubeSat for Earth Radiation Imbalance Study Launches Aboard Atlas V Rocket
11/08/16 Technology Transfer posts FY16 stats
11/08/16 Multi-modal Neural Interfacing for Prosthetic Devices
11/08/16 Garment for Monitoring Physiological Functions and Method of Use Thereof
10/27/16 Published Patent Application: Release System for Deploying Satellites
10/27/16 Published Patent Application: Apparatus and Method for Enabling Safe Handling of Malware
10/27/16 Published Patent Application: Devices with Low Melting Point Alloy for Control of Device Flexibility
10/27/16 Published Patent Application: Vehicle for Navigating within an Enclosed Space
09/29/16 Published Patent Application: Programmed Droplett Rupture for Directed Evolution
09/13/16 System for Testing of Autonomy in Complex Environments
09/13/16 Cellulose Hydrogel Compositions and Contact Lenses for Corneal Applications
09/06/16 Method for Selectively Binding and Separating Phosphate Anions
08/30/16 Method of Monitoring an Area
08/18/16 Published Patent Application: Cell Impregnated Sleeve for Paracrine and Other Factor Production
08/12/16 Newest P-8A Poseidon upgrade includes 'Minotaur' software
08/01/16 Applied Physics Lab Team Develops Innovative Remote Rail Security and Inspection System
07/28/16 Published Patent Application: Non-Contact Fiber Optic Localization And Tracking System
07/28/16 Published Patent Application: Synthetic Antiserum for Rapid-Turnaround Therapies
07/26/16 A 29 cent stamp may be the reason NASA's JPL made it to Pluto
07/18/16 Method for Optimizing Parameters for Detection Systems
07/05/16 Researchers Make Drones Crash on Purpose to Expose Design Flaws
07/01/16 Johns Hopkins APL Invests in Sensor R&D Project to Provide Tactical Data for Submariners
06/30/16 Johns Hopkins APL to Use Virtual Reality for Prosthetics Education of Wounded Warriors’ Children
06/28/16 Kit for Co-Purification and Concentration of DNA and Proteins using Isotachophoresis
06/28/16 Mapping and Positioning System
06/23/16 Published Patent Application: Method for Rapidly Designing Pharmaceutical Preparations for Preventing Viral Infection
06/21/16 High Resolution Laser Labeling of Microscopic Glass Slides and Histological Sections
06/21/16 Magnetoencephalography System and Method for 3D Localization and Tracking of Electrical Activity in Brain
06/20/16 Published Patent Application: Compact Particle Sensor
06/13/16 Lossless Codec for Infrared or Monochrome Video
06/10/16 Error-Reducing Atmospheric Correction System
06/09/16 Published Patent Application: Neural Block Determination
06/03/16 Harsco’s Protran Technology Unit Teams With the JHU/APL
05/25/16 Blast Attenuating Earplug
05/10/16 Photonically Enabled RF Transmitter/Receiver
05/06/16 Is it a UAV? A Submersible Robot? It's Both!
05/05/16 Published Patent Application: Ice Analysis Based on Active and Passive Radar Images
05/05/16 Published Patent Application: Apparatus and Method for Efficient Identification of Code Similarity
05/03/16 Apparatus and Method for Profiling Activities and Transitions
05/03/16 Ka Band Multi-Chip Modulator
05/03/16 Control Apparatus and Method for Conducting Fast Battery Charge
04/28/16 Published Patent Application: Monopulse Autotracking System for High Gain Antenna Pointing
04/21/16 APL Recognizes World-Class Expertise at 2016 Achievement Awards
04/21/16 Published Patent Application: Free Space Optical Communication
04/21/16 Published Patent Application: Collagen Material and Composites for Ocular Application
03/23/16 Amphibious Drone Hides Underwater Until It's Go-Time
03/19/16 Wound Healing Compositions Comprising Biocompatible Cellulose Hydrogel Membranes and Methods of use Thereof
03/17/16 Published Patent Application: Ventriculoperitoneal Shunt with Pressure Responsive Element
03/08/16 Method of Fabricating Thin Film Electrodes Including Metal Tubes Filled with Active Material
03/08/16 Automated Pneumothorax Detection
03/03/16 Published Patent Application: Apparatus and Method for Distributed Graph Processing
03/03/16 Published Patent Application: System for Testing of Autonomy in Complex Environments
03/01/16 Gas Cell Semiconductor Chip Assembly
02/18/16 Published Patent Application: Flexible Readout and Signal Processing in a Computational Sensor Array
01/04/16 Pioneering Prosthetic Arm is More Comfortable and Maneuverable
01/04/16 Researchers Advance Autononous ISP Technology

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