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Date of Pub Title of Article
05/25/16 Blast Attenuating Earplug
05/10/16 Photonically Enabled RF Transmitter/Receiver
05/06/16 Is it a UAV? A Submersible Robot? It's Both!
05/05/16 Published Patent Application: Ice Analysis Based on Active and Passive Radar Images
05/05/16 Published Patent Application: Apparatus and Method for Efficient Identification of Code Similarity
05/03/16 Apparatus and Method for Profiling Activities and Transitions
05/03/16 Ka Band Multi-Chip Modulator
05/03/16 Control Apparatus and Method for Conducting Fast Battery Charge
04/28/16 Published Patent Application: Monopulse Autotracking System for High Gain Antenna Pointing
04/21/16 APL Recognizes World-Class Expertise at 2016 Achievement Awards
04/21/16 Published Patent Application: Free Space Optical Communication
04/21/16 Published Patent Application: Collagen Material and Composites for Ocular Application
03/23/16 Amphibious Drone Hides Underwater Until It's Go-Time
03/19/16 Wound Healing Compositions Comprising Biocompatible Cellulose Hydrogel Membranes and Methods of use Thereof
03/17/16 Published Patent Application: Ventriculoperitoneal Shunt with Pressure Responsive Element
03/08/16 Method of Fabricating Thin Film Electrodes Including Metal Tubes Filled with Active Material
03/08/16 Automated Pneumothorax Detection
03/03/16 Published Patent Application: Apparatus and Method for Distributed Graph Processing
03/03/16 Published Patent Application: System for Testing of Autonomy in Complex Environments
03/01/16 Gas Cell Semiconductor Chip Assembly
02/18/16 Published Patent Application: Flexible Readout and Signal Processing in a Computational Sensor Array
01/04/16 Pioneering Prosthetic Arm is More Comfortable and Maneuverable
01/04/16 Researchers Advance Autononous ISP Technology

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