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11/21/17 Compact Particle Sensor
11/09/17 Published Patent Application: Apparatus and Method for Private Information Retrieval
11/07/17 Cranial Bone Surrogate and Methods of Manufacture Thereof
11/07/17 Adaptive Power System
10/31/17 Apparatus and Method for Efficient Identification of Code Similarity
10/26/17 Published Patent Application: Middle Ear Implant Sensor
10/12/17 Published Patent Application: Flexible Readout and Signal Processing in a Computational Sensor Array
10/09/17 Just add water? Research could change how medicines are stored, transported in adverse conditions
09/21/17 Published Patent Application: High Energy Density Li-Ion Battery Electrode Materials and Cells
09/14/17 Inspired by nature: Flying Fish amphibious drone can soar in the sky and swim in water
09/12/17 Johns Hopkins APL Unveils Aerial-Aquatic Drone Prototype for Marine Data Collection
09/07/17 Program Uses Virtual Reality, Artificial Limbs to ‘CONVEY’ the Power of STEM
09/07/17 Lab Licenses New Malware Detection Tool
08/30/17 Johns Hopkins Engineer Develops Groundbreaking Prosthetic Limb
08/28/17 Johns Hopkins Team Trials Free-Space Optical Communications at Sea
08/25/17 Johns Hopkins APL Unveils Radioisotope-Powered Drone for Possible NASA Titan Exploration
08/22/17 Middle Ear Implant Sensor
08/22/17 Cable-Driven Morphable Manipulator
08/10/17 Published Patent Application: Handheld Nucleic Acid-Based Assay for Rapid Identification
08/03/17 Published Patent Application: Apparatus and Method for Establishing and Maintaining a Communications Link
08/03/17 APL Demonstrates High-Bandwidth Communications Capability at Sea
08/03/17 DHS cyber incubator graduates malware 'playback' tech
08/03/17 DHS S&T Announces Commercialization of REnigma Malware Reverse-Engineering Tool
08/01/17 Flexible Readout and Signal Processing in a Computational Sensor Array
07/27/17 Removable Middle Ear Implant Sensor
07/27/17 JHU APL’s Robotic Arm is Getting Better at Taking Directions
07/25/17 Bone Fragment Tracking
07/20/17 Published Patent Application: Helical Antenna Apparatus and Methods
07/20/17 Published Patent Application: Water Purification Device
07/20/17 Published Patent Application: Apparatus and Method for Implementing a Photonic Radio Front End
07/20/17 Contrawound Helical Antenna Apparatus and Method
07/13/17 Published Patent Application: Adaptive Power System
07/11/17 High Energy Density Li-Ion Battery Electrode Materials and Cells
07/06/17 Published Patent Application: Aggregate Radio Interference Modeling and Simulation Platform
07/04/17 Method for Rapidly Designing Pharmaceutical Preparations for Preventing Viral Infection
06/15/17 OTT welcomes Lauren Ritter
06/13/17 S&T Helps Explosive Detection Canine Teams get REDDI
06/08/17 What do Military Kids and Pokemon Go Have in Common?
06/02/17 Local groundbreaking research includes artificial limbs
05/31/17 This Drone Works Both in Air and Water
05/25/17 Published Patent Application: Capacity Independent Fast Charging of Batteries
05/18/17 Published Patent Application: Coherent Optical Imaging for Detecting Neural Signatures and Medical Imaging Applications Using Common-Path Coherent Optical Techniques
05/16/17 Ice Analysis Based on Active and Passive Radar Images
05/16/17 Risk Analysis Engine
05/16/17 Removable Middle Ear Implant Sensor
05/15/17 Published Patent Application: Method and Apparatus for Remote Malware Monitoring
05/11/17 Lab Celebrates Innovations and Accomplishments at APL Achievement Awards
05/11/17 Published Patent Application: Photodetection Circuit and Operating Method Thereof
05/11/17 Robust Particle Velocity Measurement
05/10/17 Titan Ripe For Drone Invasion
05/04/17 Want a true bionic limb? Good luck without machine learning
05/04/17 Published Patent Application: Detector and Method for Detecting an Agent in an Aersol
05/04/17 Published Patent Application: Method for Rapidly Designing Pharmaceutical Preparations for Preventing Viral Infection
04/21/17 Whoa: Johns Hopkins is Working with Facebook on Mind Typing
03/27/17 New Prosthetic Invention Lets Users Reclaim Their Sense of Touch
03/21/17 Non-contact Fiber Optic Localization and Tracking System
03/16/17 Published Patent Apparatus and Method for Preventing Access by Malware to Locally Backed Up Data
03/14/17 Researchers Directly Observe Concepts in Human Brain
03/09/17 Published Patent Application: Small Maritime Target Detector
03/06/17 APL Researchers Gain Insight into Protecting Patients, Caregivers from Infectious Disease
03/02/17 Published Patent Application: Platform and Method for Identifying Past Ecposure to Chemical Agents or Heavy Metals
02/28/17 Method for Rapidly Designing Pharmaceutical Preparations for Preventing Viral Infection
02/20/17 Hybrid-Polarity Synthetic Aperture Radar Architecture
02/09/17 Published Patent Application: Dual Autonomous Telemetry Data Acquisition System and Real Time Opto-Isolated Receivers for use Therewith
02/02/17 Published Patent Application: Method of Manufacturing an Implantable Pressure-Actuated Drug Delivery System
01/29/17 Published Patent Application: Face Detection, Augmentation, Spatial Cueing and Clutter Reduction for the Visually Impaired
01/26/17 Published Patent Application: Multi-Modal Neural Interfacing for Prosthetic Devices
01/24/17 Self-Healing Coatings

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