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Date of Pub Title of Article
09/16/14 Small motor controller
09/09/14 Methods for improving atomicity of runtime inspections
09/09/14 Lidar system and method for detecting an object via an optical phased array
08/26/14 Adaptive interference canceller in a digital phase array
08/26/14 Methods and systems to encode and decode sequences of images
08/14/14 Advanced Armor Laminate Structures
07/29/14 Washer assembly for mounting on irregular surfaces
07/22/14 Biocompatible article for the treatment of water and production of energy
07/08/14 Fiber-optic automatic gain control systems and methods
06/24/14 Hyperspectral imaging for detection of skin related conditions
06/24/14 Electronic module with keyed connection to a wearable garment for monitoring physiological functions and method of use
05/13/14 Methods and Systems to Implement a Surrogate Head Model and Directly Measure Brain/Skull Relative Displacement
05/13/14 System and Method for Determining Position of Hall Sensors Relative to Stator Winding of Brushless DC or Synchronous AC Permanent Magnet Motor
04/15/14 Implantable Pressure-Actuated Drug Delivery Systems and Methods of Manufacture and Use
04/08/14 Method of Detecting Molecules
04/01/14 Automated Pre-Processing of Body-Mounted Magnetometer Data from Constellations of Low Earth Orbit Satellites for Derivation of Birkeland Current Signatures
03/25/14 Methods for Applying a Powder Metal Layer to Polymer Articles as an Antifouling Coating
03/18/14 Adaptive Medium Access Control
03/04/14 System and Method for Measuring Staleness of Attestation During Booting Between a First and Second Device by Generating a First and Second Time and Calculating a Difference Between the First and Second Time to Measure the Staleness
12/24/13 Purification and Concentration of Proteins and DNA from a Complex Sample Using Isotachophoresis and a Device to Perform the Purification
11/26/13 System and Method for Tomographic Retrieval of Parameter Profile from Traveling Path
08/22/13 Johns Hopkins APL, Howard County to Partner on New Tech Accelerator
08/20/13 Researchers Discover Quantum Algorithm that Could Improve Stealth Fighter Design
08/19/13 Robot with Human-like Hands Could Tackle Dangerous Situations
08/19/13 Flourescent Chloride Sensors
08/14/13 New Drone Could Dubstitute for Combat Medics
07/03/13 Open-Source Electronic Disease Surveillance Software Released
07/01/13 Applied Physics Lab's Latest Robotic Wonder Does her Work in Danger Zones
06/26/13 Molecularly Imprinted Polymer Ion Exchange Resins
06/26/13 Bionic Arm Researchers Aim for $50k to $60k Price, prodcuts release "in a couple years"
06/20/13 Bomb Disposal Robot from Johns Hopkins Researchers
06/19/13 Johns Hopkins Scientist Explains Mystery of Death Valley's "Sailing Stones"
05/17/13 Scientists Tout Advanced Process to Find Surgical Robot Bugs Before the Bot Cuts off Something Important
05/17/13 Strap On the Government's New Laser-iffic Mapping Backpack
05/17/13 OTT welcomes new Technology Manager, Gloria Jacobovitz
05/04/13 APL's Mini-Mapper Captures Intel in Tight Spots
04/09/13 Technique Finds Software Bugs in Surgical Robots
04/01/13 Portable Device Developed for Creating Maps for Limited Spaces
02/24/13 Patent Application Published - Topical Compositions and Methods of Detection and Treatment
02/21/13 Chip-Scale Optomechanical Gravimeter
02/19/13 Apparatus and Methods for Remote Detection of Physiological Changes
02/07/13 Patent Application Published - Cellulose-Based Hydrogels and Methods of Making Thereof
01/31/12 Elementary School "MacGyver Club" Tackles Prosthetics Project
01/03/13 Breakthrough: Robotic Limbs Moved Watch CBS Video  60 Minutes Overtime Meets "Robo Sally"
10/11/12 Popular Mechanics Honors Year's Most Life-Changing Devices
09/19/12 Johns Hopkins Researchers Develop Revolutionary Prosthetic Limb
08/30/12 Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab Partners with Hopkins Medicine on $8.9 Million Program to Improve Patient Safety
07/02/12 Patent Application Published - Polymer Based Lanthanide Luminescent Sensors for the Detection of Organophosphorous Compounds
07/02/12 Patent Application Published - System and Method for Tomographic Retrieval of Parameter Profile form Traveling Path
05/15/12 APL's Prosthetic Limb on Cover of 'Popular Mechanics'
05/08/12 Wounded Servicemember Helps Researchers Test Groundbreaking Upper Limb Prosthesis
05/08/12 Johns Hopkins APL Names Best Inventions of 2011
04/21/12 OTT Announces the 2011 Invention of the Year nominees
04/06/12 Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab Names 2011 Best Inventions
03/12/12 Office of Technology Transfer signs its 300th Agreement since it opened its doors in 1999
03/07/12 NASA Solar Study Mission Moves to Next Design Stage
02/08/12 Wounded Warriors Use New, Brain-controlled Prosthetic Arm
01/04/12 APL Discovery Gives Advance Warning of Catastrophic Failure in Lithium-Ion Batteries
01/04/12 HDT's Mk1 Brings Human Dexterity to Battlefield Robots

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