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October 5, 2010

The Office of Patent Counsel and Technology Transfer host informational sessions to inform Laboratory inventors, project staff and other interested Laboratory professionals about issues relating to APL tech transfer. Innovation ΧΔ Lunchbox is a fun, bi-annual, lunchtime event for recognizing and celebrating APL's creative process and innovation. During the event an outside speaker shares his or her perspective on innovation.

Many of us are nostalgic for yesteryear's lunch boxes that showed off our favorite cartoon characters and movie stars. Today's modern "lunchbox" shows off the creative spirit - think of the Japanese Bento box, retro lunch boxes, virtual lunchbox communities sharing everything from music to new ideas...

So what's in your lunchbox? What creative ideas would you like to exchange with your colleagues?

Event Highlights

The Innovation ΧΔ Lunchbox event, held on October 5, 2010, was a celebration of APL researchers for their outstanding contributions to the development of copyrighted intellectual property. OTT's co-sponsors for this event included the Office of Patent Council, the Space Department and the Hopkins Women's Network.

Approximately 180 staff members were in attendance at this event which began with a discussion from the Dr. Joe Suter, National Security Space BAE, on innovation in space research and engineering. Norma Lee Todd, Acting Technology Transfer Director, spoke about the value of innovation at APL and Aisha Ahmad, Patent Attorney in the Office of Patent Counsel, clarified recent copyright legislation. Finally, the crowd was awed by guest speaker Carole Tomko's, President and GM of Discovery Studios, discussion on how Discovery Studios encourages and satisfies curiosity as a product and in their work place.

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Carole Tomko
President and GM


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