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February 3, 2009

Old and new lunchboxesAfter nearly 10 years, the name "Patents and Pizza" has been retired. The new name reflects the event’s fresh emphasis on engaging in, recognizing, and celebrating APL’s creative process and innovation.

There was a time not so long ago that the lunchbox was the ultimate in personal expression. More than a mere carrying case for peanut butter and bologna sandwiches, your lunchbox showed who you were and who you aspired to be. Lunchboxes included Annie Oakley, Roy Rogers, Buck Rogers, GI Joe, the Peanuts gang and the well as the generic Thermos plaid pattern. It was great to sit down at the lunch table and know that you had the best treats!

Today the modern lunchbox is not only functional but is also used to show off the creative spirit - think of the Japanese Bento box, retro lunch boxes, virtual lunchbox communities sharing everything from music to new ideas...

So what's in your lunchbox? What new ideas would you like to exchange with your colleagues?

Event Highlights

The first Innovation ΧΔ Lunchbox event, held on February 3, 2009, was a celebration of Information Technology and Open Source innovation at APL. OTT's co-sponsors for this event included the Office of Patent Council, GED, AISD and the Software Developers Group.

Over 250 staff members attended this Information Technology focused event. The event began with a buffet lunch followed by presentations from GED's Special Concepts and Engineering Group Assistant Group Supervisor, Tim Frey and AISD's Cyber Warfare Systems Branch Manager, Donna Gregg. Kristin Gray, Technology Transfer Director spoke about open source software within the DoD community and Frank Cooch, Section Supervisor, Office of Patent Counsel, described what copywrite is and the selection criteria for the events awards. Finally, guest speaker Chris DiBona, Open Source Manager at Google discussed Google's use of open source.

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Chris DiBona

Open Source Manager

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Award Winners

Comprehensive Real-Time Analysis of Broadcast Systems
Jeffrey Becker, Andrew Buck, Stephen Giguere, Matthew Smith and Thomas Spriesterbach

QT Viewer
Myron Brown, Thomas Criss, Kevin Murphy and Michael Roth

John. Harris

Electronic Deck Log
Robert Baker, Michael Bembenek, Robert Hawthorne, Matthew Metlis, Steven Marshall, David Patrone and Dennis Patrone

Prize Winner

The door prize winner received a gift card to Best Buy:

Tim Frey

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