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APL inventor Chris Brown holds mini-MACSS (short for Miniature Autonomous Crawling Surveillance System) that it is a tiny autonomous vehicle capable of navigating small spaces to gather intelligence. Mini-MACSS has commercial applications including law enforcement, defense industry and research. Image credit: Scott Kramer.

APL Partners with the Howard County Economic Development Authority to Facilitate Technology Transfer

APL has officially entered into a technology transfer partnership with the Howard County Economic Development Authority (HCEDA). The agreement and details of the partnership were announced at an event held on APL’s Laurel, Md., campus on August 22, 2013. A demonstration of technologies with potential for commercialization followed the event.

Read more about the APL–HCEDA partnership:

APL press release issued August 22, 2013

Howard County press release issued August 22, 2013

Images from Event

Howard County Economic Development Authority Chief Executive Officer Larry Twele and APL Director Ralph Semmel shake hands as they agree on a technology transfer partnership to bring APL innovation to the marketplace.

APL Director Ralph Semmel addresses the crowd of business people and government officials who attended the signing ceremony and partnership announcement in APL’s Building 200.

APL’s Aaron Rogers and Clint Apland of the Space Department talk with members of the local business community about applications for inventions like the Multi-Mission Nanosatellite, the Express Class Small Satellite Rideshare Adapter System, and the Small Release Mechanism Actuator.

Howard County Executive Ken Ulman and County Councilwoman Courtney Watson talk with APL’s Aaron Rogers about three innovations for space with potential for commercial applications.