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Invention of the Year Nominees

Nominees for the 12th Annual Invention of the Year and the Government Purpose Innovation Award

The Lab will honor its top inventors and inventions during the 12th annual invention of the Year Award ceremony on May 10, from 4:30 - 6:30 p.m. in the Kossiakoff Center.

The winning invention - to be revealed at the ceremony - was chosen from the following nominees. These nominees were selected from the 155 inventions reported in 2010 by 282 staff members and collaborators.

New this year is a Government Purpose Innovation Award which will recognize an invention that specifically meets a critical sponsor need. One of the following was chosen for this honor by an internal APL team.
The Invention of the Year nominees are: The Government Purpose Innovation Award nominees are:
Cellulose Fiber-Reinforced Hydrogel Composite to Support Ocular Repair
      Jeffrey Maranchi, Morgana Trexler, Joshua Wolfe
Technique for Tomographic Retrieval of Neutral and/or Electron Density Profiles from Low Orbit
      Joseph Comberiate, Michael Kelly, Larry Paxton
Implantable Pressure-Actuated Drug-Delivery Systems and Methods
      Jason Benkoski, George Coles, Jr., Chao-Wei Hwang, Robert Matteson, III, Hala Tomey, Morgana Trexler
Method and Apparatus for Solar Flux Concentration for Orbital Debris Remediation
      Bradley Boone
Apparatus and Method for Stabilizing Power to an Optical Multimode Receiver Channel
      Juan Juarez, Joseph Sluz, David Young
Featureless Classification for Active Sonar Systems
      Jeffrey Angell, Joshua Broadwater, Mary Soules
Enhancement to IP Architecture/Protocols to Facilitate Collective Decisions Amongst Multiple Devices
      Amanpreet Johal, Eric Naber, Paul Velez
An Approach for Analyzing Information Attack Effects on Mission-Level Performance
      Amy Castner, Robert Jailall, Barton Paulhamus, Kevin Snow
Phase-Locked Loop Dynamic Antenna Impedance Matching Concept
      Chun-Huei Bair, Paul Vichot
Method for Optimizing Parameters for Detection Systems
      David Portnoy
Apparatus and Method for 3D Stacking of Thinned Die
      Harry Charles, Jr.
Green Country Model
      Alexander Ihde, Scott Simpkins
A Scalable, Cable-Driven, Morphable Manipulator with Unique Fabrication Method
      Mehran Armand, Christopher Brown, Michael Kutzer
Naturally Occurring Indigenous Sound Emulation (NOISE)
    John Klimek
Secure Layered Iterative Gateway
      Mark Byrkit, Francis Murray
Analytics Mediation and Aggregation Service (AMAS)
     Clyde Boylls, Matthew Dinmore, Mykola Hayvanovych
Portable Magnetoencephalography (MEG) System for 3D Localization of Electrical Activity in the Brain
      Ibolja Cernak, Harvey Ko, Michael McLoughlin,
High-Energy Density Li-Ion Battery Electrode Materials and Cells
      Jeffrey Maranchi, Edward Russell, Jennifer Sample
An outside panel of representatives from industry, the high-tech sector and patent law selected the overall top invention based on its benefit to society, improvement over existing technology, and commercial potential.