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Invention of the Year Nominees

Nominees for the 16th Annual Invention of the Year and the Government Purpose Invention Award

The Lab will honor its top inventors and inventions during the 3nd annual APL Achievement Awards reception on April 29, 2015, from 4:00 - 6:00 p.m. in the Kossiakoff Center.

The winning invention - to be revealed at the ceremony - was chosen from the following nominees. These nominees were selected from the 230 inventions reported in 2014 by 373 staff members and collaborators.

Again this year is a Government Purpose Invention Award which will recognize an invention that specifically meets a critical sponsor need.
The Invention of the Year nominees are: The Government Purpose Invention Award nominees are:

ALIS: Aerosol Indicator for Self-Use
      Andrea Brown, David Brown

Common Pedigree Service
      Jeffrey Dunne
Chip-Scale Optomechanical Magnetometer Based on the Lorentz Force
      Layne Churchill, Stergios Papadakis
Aircraft and Sensor Product Geo-Registration in GPS-Denied Environments
      Gregory Barr, James Cochran, Mason Baron
Biological and Computational Methods for Highly Accurate Deconvolution and Reassembly of Single Genomes
      Jared Evans, Thomas Mehoke, Peter Thielen, Joshua Wolfe
Deception for Defense: Apply Traditional Camouflage Techniques Adapted to Cyber Network Defenses
      PAtrick Allen, Steven Handy
Brain Microwave 3D Thermal Imager
      Jacob Alldredge
Energy Loop Compensation Technique for Optimizing Power System Size and Performance
      Tyler Boehmer, Deanna Temkin
Compact Free-Space Optical Terminal Architecture and Design
      David Brown, Ryan DiNello-Fass, Juan Juarez, Joseph Sluz, Hala Tomey
Functional Nanofibers for Chemical Nerve Agent Detection
      Xiomara Calderon-Colon, Timothy Lippa
Enrichment of Unique Sequences by Nanoparticle - Mediated Subtractive Hybridization of Known Nucleic Acid Backgrounds
      James Anthony, Christopher Bradburne, Katheleen Varratti
Hierarchical Active Material for Warfighter Enhancement Performances
      Xiomara Calderon-Colon
Hardware Enforced Malware Prevention Using Guard Lines
      James Stevens
Interferometric Holographic Imaging for 3D Surface Measurements
    David Blodgett
Li-Fi Enabled 3D Optical Imaging for Collision Safety and Autonomous Transportation
      David Brown, William Torruellas
Model Based System Engineering Methodology
     Kenneth Brown
Metasurfaces for Ultra-Thin Conformal Applique Antennas
      David Shrekenhamer
Radioisotopes for the Prevention of Biofouling
     John Mattson, Stergios Papadakis
Method for Coating Stents with a Conformal Hydrogel with Embedded Stem Cells for Cardiac Therapy
      Jason Benkoski
Real-Time Opto-Isolated USB Telemetry Receiver (ROUTER)
   Leo Gauthier, Harlan Ray
Near Field Confocal RF Dielectric Imager Using Superlen's and Metamaterial Based Antennas
      Jacob Alldredge, David Shrekenhamer
Resiliency Analysis Tool
     Anurag Dwivedi, Daniel Tebben
Odysseus - 6U Cubesat Design
     Clint Apland, Gregory Ellers, Adam Fosbury, Barry Grabow, Devin Hahne, Subodh Harmalkar, Christopher Haskins, Calvin Kee, Jeffrey Kelley, James Leary, Michael Marley, Annette Mirantes, Aaron Rogers, William Stratton Richard Webbert
Software Watermarking
     Farid Ahmed, James Farlow, William La Cholter, James Pendergrass, David Sames, Thomas Urban
Preservation and Reconstitution of Cell-Free Protein Expression Systems
     David Karig
Submersible Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
     Jarret Dixon, Robert Hawthorne, Thomas Murdock, Jason Stipes
Vertically Grooved Electrode Wells for Nerve Growth Guidance to an Electrode Contact
     Jason Tiffany
Uncooled Long Wavelength Camera for Terrestrial Weather Applications
     John Boldt, Robert Erlandson, Chrales Hibbitts, Michael Kelly
  Water Management for Hydrocarbon Fluids
     Carl Marrese, Melanie Morris
An outside panel of representatives from industry, the high-tech sector and patent law selected the overall top invention based on its benefit to society, improvement over existing technology, and commercial potential. The Government Purpose Invention Award was selected by an internal Management Forum team.