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Invention of the Year Nominees

Nominees for the 15th Annual Invention of the Year and the Government Purpose Innovation Award

The Lab will honor its top inventors and inventions during the 2nd annual Technical Achievement Awards reception on April 29, from 4:00 - 6:00 p.m. in the Kossiakoff Center.

The winning invention - to be revealed at the ceremony - was chosen from the following nominees. These nominees were selected from the 254 inventions reported in 2013 by 370 staff members and collaborators.

Again this year is a Government Purpose Innovation Award which will recognize an invention that specifically meets a critical sponsor need.
The Invention of the Year nominees are: The Government Purpose Innovation Award nominees are:

Active/Passive Polarimetric Microwave Sea Ice Discrimination
      Christopher Gifford, Mary Keller, Nathaniel Winstead, William Walton

2013 Digitally Encrypted GPS Translator
      Martin Sommerville, Thomas Mason
Chip-Scale Optomechanical Magnetometer Based on the Lorentz Force
      Layne Churchill, Stergios Papadakis
Aircraft and Sensor Product Geo-Registration in GPS-Denied Environments
      Gregory Barr, James Cochran, Mason Baron
Concept and Methods for Interdicting Norovirus Outbreaks Using Genetically Engineered Probiotics
      Andrew Feldman, Jeffrey Lin
Conic Energy Equivalence Boost Vehicle Guidancee
      Adam Nicholl
Enhanced Mapping and Positioning System for Navigation and Mapping in GPS Denied Environments
      Jason Stipes, John Humphreys, Richard Startt
Distributed Acoustic Sensor Architecture for Enhanced Sensitivity
      Juan Juarez
FLOXIR - Fs Laser-Induced Oxidation/Reduction of Materials: Processes, Applications and Devices
      Joseph Miragliotta,Miquel Antoine, Nathan Hagan, Plamen Demirev, Sanjay Varma
Free-Space Optical Terminal Architecture
      David Brown, Joseph Sluz, Juan Juarez
High Aspect Ratio Nanofillers for Improving the Balance between Rolling Resistance and Wet Traction in Tires or Like Materials
      Zhiyong Xia
High Operational Temperature (HOT) Light Guide Adapter
      Leo Gauthier, Nathan Rolander, Paul Biermann
Integration of Multi Junction Photovoltaic Devices with Thermo Electric Devices for 50% Solar Conversion Efficiency
      David Shrekenhamer, Michael Jin, Rama Venkatasubramanian
Improving Earth Background Characterization through Modeling and Measurements of Leaf Bidirectional Reflectivity
    Andrea Brown, Elena Adams, Michael Thomas, Shadrian Strong
Intelligent Scalpel System
      Jacob Alldredge
Millimeter Wave Photonic Array
     Jeffrey Nanzer, Juan Juarez, Michael Dennis, Thomas Clark, Timothy McKenna
Methods of Accelerating Signal Processing via Parallel Co-Processor(s) for Communication Devices
      Scott Kim
Ni-Al Micro-Heat Foils for Thermal Batteries
     Dennis Nagle, Yo-Rhin Rhim
Methods to Accelerate Healing of Injured Tissues via Stem Cells in Nanofiber Patches
      Xiomara Calderon-Colon, Zhiyong Xia
Vehicle-Based Automated Remote Triage Assistant
   Dean Kleissas, Nathan Drenkow, Philippe Burlina, Ryan Mukherjee, Saurabh Vyas
Middle Ear Implant Sensor
      David Kitchin, Dawnielle Farrar, George Coles
Open Loop Feedback Control of Material Properties Using a Pseudo-Circulatory System
     Jason Benkoski
     Jonathan Cohen
SOCRATES: Scalable Graph Analytics
     Cetin Savkli
tem and Method to Rapidly Design Viral Vaccines to Prevent Vaccine Failure
     Andrew Feldman, Jeffrey Lin
An outside panel of representatives from industry, the high-tech sector and patent law selected the overall top invention based on its benefit to society, improvement over existing technology, and commercial potential. The Government Purpose Innovation Award was selected by an internal APL team of subject matter experts.