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Invention of the Year Nominees

Nominees for the 13th Annual Invention of the Year and the Government Purpose Innovation Award

The Lab will honor its top inventors and inventions during the 13th Annual Invention of the Year reception on April 23, from 4:30 - 6:30 p.m. in the Kossiakoff Center.

The winning invention - to be revealed at the ceremony - was chosen from the following nominees. These nominees were selected from the 259 inventions reported in 2011 by 460 staff members and collaborators.

Again this year is a Government Purpose Innovation Award which will recognize an invention that specifically meets a critical sponsor need.
The Invention of the Year nominees are: The Government Purpose Innovation Award nominees are:
Small Motor Controller
      Harry Eaton, Douglas Wenstrand
Executable Specification System Engineering
      George Cancro, Eliezer Kahn, Russell Turner, Stephen Williams
      Mark Martin, Richard Meitzler
Dynamic Resource Manager for Multiple Space Surveillance Sensors with SP Tasker Schedule Initialization
      Jesse Clarke, Eric Klatt, Sean martin, Nishant Mehta, Andrew Newman, Benjamin Rodriguez
Lossy Method to Compress and Decompress Acoustic Array Data for Transmission Over Low Bandwidth Links
      Robert Patterson, G. Scott Peacock, Franz Riggieri
Tactile Feedback Device for Dexterous Telepresence
      Robert Armiger, Jenna Graham, Matthew Johannes, Steven Manuel
Release Actuator Using the Difference in Coefficient of Thermal Expansion of Dissimilar Materials When Heated
      Clint Apland, Michael Marley, David Persons, David Weir
Constrained Probability of False Alarm Classification
      Joshua Broadwater, Craig Carmen, Ashley Llorens
Agile IR Scene Projector Based on Carbon Nanotubes
      David Brown, Raul Fainchtein, Andrew Monica, Karen Siegrist
A Systems Biology Approach for the Discovery of Novel, Nucleic Acid-based Virulence Factors Released by Bacteria During Infection
      Mekbib Astatke, Christopher Bradburne, Lucy Carruth
Erosive Rain Environment Sensor and Method of Use
      Robert Bamberger, Ryan Bishop, Dale Clemons, Kenneth Grossman, Bruce Land
Global Navigation Satellite System Mission Planner
      Marc Camacho, Gary Winkler
Carbon Nanotube High Temperature RF Length Sensor
      Ned Brokloff, Michael Lotito, Stergios Papadakis
WxASR Playback Tool 1.0
    Albert de Baroncelli, Stephen Shaw, Christopher Wellons
Hyperspectral Imaging for Skin Cancer Detection
      Amit Banerjee, Philippe Burlina, Luis Garza, Saurabh Vyas
Immersive Augmented Reality for Mobile Data Fusion
     Christopher Gifford, Brian Montgomery, Zachary Whitley
Sub 10nm, Temperature Controlled Solid Lipid Nanoparticles for Topical Drug Delivery
      Jason Benkoski, Xiomara Calderon-Colon, Luis Garza, Sewon King, Amanda Nelson, Marcia Patchan, Julia Patrone, Jennifer Sample, Mellisa Theodore, Joshua Wolfe
The GAIA Collaboratory
     Steven Babin, Nathan Bos, Glen Fountain, Maegen Nix, Larry Paxton, Christina Pikas, Alysen Regiec, Giuseppe Romeo, Robert Schaefer, Margaret Simon, Shadrian Strong, Evan Sultanik, William Swartz, Michele Weiss
Automated Pneumothorax Detection
      Philippe Burlina, Ryan Mukherjee
C Code Generator for ExecSpec
     Andrew Harris
  Method for Estimation of Traffic Congestion Parameters for Wireless MANETs
     Derya Cansever, Steven Holt, Tibor Schonfeld, Sean Sprouse
  A Method of Learning a Ranking Function Using a Discounted Cumulative Margin Penalty
     Craig Carmen, Carlos Renjifo
  3D Architecture for Flexible Readout and Signal Processing of an Array of Sensors
     Charbel Rizk
  Automatic Navigation, Intelligence, and Mobility Add-on to Off-the-Shelf Robots
     Christopher Brown, Michael Kutzer
An outside panel of representatives from industry, the high-tech sector and patent law selected the overall top invention based on its benefit to society, improvement over existing technology, and commercial potential. The Government Purpose Innovation Award was selected by an internal APL team of subject matter experts.