License Technology

About APL Technology

What technologies are available for license from APL?

APL maintains a portfolio of more than 1180 active inventions (software, other copyrighted material, patents issued and patents pending) with strengths in sensor technology, biomedical applications, electronics, space technology, communications and information technology. A searchable database of issued patents is maintained on this web site. For more information or to get a customized search, contact The Office of Technology Transfer (OTT).

How many new inventions does APL generate per year?

APL's invention disclosure rate is approximately 225 new inventions per year.

How many patent applications does APL file per year?

In Fiscal Year 2013 the Lab's IP Section of the Office of Counsel filed 68 patent applications including 49 provisional patent applications. This rate is expected to continue. The Lab has more than 330 issued patents.

What is APL's research budget?

APL has an annual funding level at more than $980 million.