For Inventors

Mission Area Technology Transfer Team

The team is comprised of senior members of each of the Laboratory's technical mission areas. It serves as a mission area communication link on technology transfer issues between OTT and the technical staff and leadership of their respective mission areas. Each member is a local point of contact for inventors on technology transfer issues such as disclosures, inventorship, royalty sharing and licensing. As always, OTT staff is available to answer questions and assist with technology transfer issues.

OTT Chair Ms. Heather Curran x87262  
OTT Assistant Ms. Sherry March x88680  
Sector Mission Area Team Member
Air and Missile Defense Air & Missile Defense Mr. Mike Lancaster x81703
Asymmetric Operations Cyber Ops Mr. Don Simard x88955
  Homeland Protection Dr. Timothy Lippa x85934
Special Ops Dr. Jim Wise x80562
Force Projection Precision Strike Mr. Mike White x84539
Strategic Deterrence Mr. Bob Baker x88597
Sea Control Ms. Hilary Hershey x87861
Space Exploration Civilian Space Dr. Helmut Seifert x89490
National Security Space Dr. Paul Ostdiek x88698
Enterprise Services Department  
Business & Communications Services   Mr. Jonathan Johnson x84347
National Security Analysis Warfare Analysis Mr. Randy Saunders x83861
Research & Exploratory Development   Mr. Joe Miragliotta x86224
Inventor Representative Mr. Paul Biermann x86911