About OTT

Edward Chalfin

Image of E ChalfinEdward Chalfin is a Technology Manager in the Office of Technology Transfer, overseeing a diverse portfolio of technologies with commercial potential. Mr. Chalfin has over 35 years of experience in technology-based entrepreneurship and has founded a number of technology startups, including Integrated Circuit Designs, Inc. (ICD) in 1995, which was acquired by Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) in 2007.

Ed has extensive experience as an analog IC design engineer, managing TI’s Low Power RF Baltimore group and working for industry leaders such as  Allied Signal Aerospace's Microelectronic and Technology Center; Sprague Electric Semiconductor Division and Pulsecom.

Ed received a MS in Business Management from Johns Hopkins University and a BSEE from Pennsylvania State University. He is the holder of four patents in analog IC design and is a two-time winner of the AlliedSignal Technical Achievement Award.

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