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January 15, 2013

APL Recognizes Top Authors and Researchers

APL's 2011 publications and Independent Research and Development (IRAD) awards were announced at the Laboratory's first Technical Achievement Awards reception on November 8, 2012, in the Kossiakoff Center.

While the awards had traditionally been announced each fall, last year's reception marked the transition to an annual spring ceremony starting in 2013. That event will also incorporate the Invention of the Year awards.

The new event is meant to combine all technical award ceremonies within the most relevant time frame. The reception was also open to all staff members. "These changes are meant to create a more inclusive awards reception for staff," said APL Chief of Staff Russ Gingras. "We want to give everyone at the Lab the opportunity to honor the achievements of their colleagues."

Assistant Director for Science and Technology Jerry Krill hosted the award reception and lauded the recipients. "Our increasingly dynamic, even volatile, world reminds us that APL is needed to provide critical contributions to important national and global challenges," Krill said. "The breakthrough research and technology that we provide will likely influence future world events."

For a comprehensive list and more details on the awards, please see the following Johns Hopkins APL Technical Digest article: http://techdigest.jhuapl.edu/TD/td3103/31_03-Awards.pdf

Publication Awards

Author's First Paper in a Peer-Reviewed Journal or Proceedings
"Radioactive Elements on Mercury’s Surface from MESSENGER: Implications for the Planet’s Formation and Evolution," Science 333(6051), 1850–1852 (2011)
Patrick Peplowski

Outstanding Paper in the Johns Hopkins APL Technical Digest (The Walter G. Berl Award)
"Control System Architecture for the Modular Prosthetic Limb," Johns Hopkins APL Technical Digest 30(3), 217–222 (2011)
Michael Bridges, Matthew Para, and Michael Mashner

Outstanding Research Paper in an Externally Refereed Publication
"Rapid and Extensive Surface Changes Near Titan’s Equator: Evidence of April Showers," Science 331(6023), 1414–1417 (2011)
Elizabeth Turtle and Ralph Lorenz

Outstanding Development Paper in an Externally Refereed Publication
"High-Sensitivity DPSK Receiver for High-Bandwidth Free-Space Optical Communication Links," Optics Express 19(11), 10789–10796 (2011)
Juan Juarez, David Young, and Joseph Sluz

Outstanding Special Publication
"On Optimizing Command and Control Structures," Proceedings of the 16th International Command and Control Research and Technology Symposium (2011)
David Scheidt and Kevin Schultz

Hart Prizes (IRAD Achievements)

Best Research Project
"Capture and Control about Planetary Satellites and Asteroids Using Dynamical Systems Theory"
Christopher Scott and Martin Ozimek

Best Development Projects (tie)
"Automated Passive Sonar Signal Processing; Development of Shallow Water Autonomous DCL System"
Scott Peacock, Derek Fulk, Kevin Gormally, David Barsic, Melissa Jones, Robert Patterson, and William Gray

"Frequency Hopping for Geolocation and Ranging"
Scott Radcliff, Michael King, Geoffrey Marcus, Douglas Wenstrand, and Michael January

Lifetime Achievement

Special recognition went to Harry K. Charles Jr., who was presented with the Lifetime Achievement Publication Award. Author of more than 200 publications covering fields from microelectronics to biomedical devices, Charles has worked at APL since 1972. He has held numerous supervisory positions, including Engineering and Fabrication Branch supervisor, Technical Services Department head, and chief engineer of the Milton Eisenhower Research Center. He continues to work in the Research and Exploratory Development Department's Microelectronics and Microsystems Group.

"His most significant contributions lie in the microelectronics arena, especially wire bonding and advanced soldered interconnect," Krill said. "And on a personal note, Harry has been a great colleague to many of us and has also been a strong mentor and teacher to our staff."