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MESSENGER (MErcury Surface, Space ENvironment, GEochemistry, and Ranging)

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Paulette Campbell
The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

05-06-16  First Global Topographic Model of Mercury among MESSENGER's Latest Delivery to the Planetary Data System

03-07-16  MESSENGER Data May Reveal the Remains of Mercury’s Oldest Crust

04-30-15  NASA Completes MESSENGER Mission with Expected Impact on Mercury's Surfaces

04-16-15  NASA Celebrates MESSENGER Mission Prior to Surface Impact of Mercury

04-10-15  Nothing but Helium: Correction Maneuver Puts MESSENGER Right on Course

03-18-15  With the End in Sight, MESSENGER Marks Four Years at Mercury

12-24-14  Innovative Use of Pressurant Extends MESSENGER's Mission, Enables Collection of New Data

10-15-14  MESSENGER Provides First Optical Images of Ice Near Mercury’s North Pole

10-07-14  APL Engineer Named First Recipient of New Heinlein Award

08-01-14  MESSENGER Team Celebrates 10th Anniversary of Launch

11-25-13  A Tale of Two Comets: MESSENGER Captures Images of Encke and ISON

11-29-12  MESSENGER Finds New Evidence for Water Ice at Mercury's Poles

10-04-12  MESSENGER Mission Receives Prestigious IAA Award

08-09-12  International Astronomical Union Approves Names for Nine Mercury Craters

08-03-12  MESSENGER Marks 8th Anniversary of Launch

06-22-12  MESSENGER Completes Its 1,000th Orbit of Mercury

05-22-12  MESSENGER Measures Waves at the Boundary of Mercury's Magnetosphere

05-08-12  MESSENGER Gains Deputy Principal Investigator

05-03-12  MESSENGER's Cameras Capture 100,000th Image from Mercury Orbit

04-26-12  Dr. Seuss, Alvin Ailey among the Names Selected for 23 Mercury Craters

04-20-12  MESSENGER Settles into Eight-Hour Orbit Around Mercury, Poised for New Discoveries

04-16-12  MESSENGER Adjusts Orbit for a Closer Look at Mercury

04-05-12  MESSENGER Images Debut on "The Big Bang Theory"

03-23-12  MESSENGER App Now Available

03-21-12  MESSENGER Provides New Look at Mercury's Landscape, Metallic Core, and Polar Shadows

03-19-12  MESSENGER Completes Primary Mission at Mercury, Settles in for Another Year

03-08-12  MESSENGER Team Delivers Data from First Full Mercury Solar Day to Planetary Data System

03-02-12  MESSENGER Modifies Orbit to Prepare for Extended Mission

02-03-12  Software Enables Efficient Planning of MESSENGER Observations

12-22-11  A Christmas Crater on Mercury

12-16-11  MESSENGER Among Discover Magazine's Top 100 Stories of 2011

12-05-11  MESSENGER Team Presents Latest Mercury Findings at AGU Fall Meeting

11-18-11  MESSENGER Recognized as "Best of What's New" by Popular Science

11-14-11  NASA Extends MESSENGER Mission

11-03-11  MESSENGER Mission Design Lead Named American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Associate Fellow

10-24-11  Fourth Orbit Adjustment Stretches MESSENGER's Orbit around Mercury

10-05-11  MESSENGER Team Presents New Mercury Findings at Planetary Conference

09-29-11  Orbital Observations of Mercury Reveal Flood Lavas, Hollows, and Unprecedented Surface Details

09-27-11  MESSENGER Reveals New Details of Planet Mercury

09-08-11  MESSENGER Team Delivers First Orbital Data to Planetary Data System

09-07-11  MESSENGER Navigates Second Hot Season, Executes Third Orbit-Correction Maneuver

08-17-11  APL Planetary Scientist Elected Fellow of Geological Society of America

08-15-11  MESSENGER Co-Investigator Elected Fellow of the Geological Society of America

08-03-11  MESSENGER Marks Seventh Anniversary of Launch

07-27-11  MESSENGER Makes Another Successful Orbit Adjustment

07-05-11  American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Honors MESSENGER Team Leaders

06-22-11  MESSENGER Science Team Member Receives NASA's Distinguished Public Service Medal

06-16-11  MESSENGER Data from Mercury Orbit Confirm Theories, Offer Surprises

06-15-11  MESSENGER Adjusts Its Orbit around Mercury

06-13-11  MESSENGER Endures Its First Hot Season

06-10-11  NASA Releasing New Spacecraft Orbital Views of Mercury

05-06-11  100 Orbits and Counting

05-03-11  Measuring Mercury's Surface Composition

04-26-11  Profiling Polar Craters with the Mercury Laser Altimeter

04-19-11  Mercury's Exosphere: A Brief Overview

04-04-11  MESSENGER Kicks Off Yearlong Campaign of Mercury Science

03-29-11  MESSENGER Sends Back First Image of Mercury from Orbit

03-28-11  NASA to Release MESSENGER's First Orbital Images Of Mercury

03-21-11  Spacecraft Data Confirm MESSENGER Orbit and Operation

03-17-11  MESSENGER Begins Historic Orbit around Mercury

03-16-11  MESSENGER On Autopilot for Orbit Insertion

03-15-11  MESSENGER Primed for Mercury Orbit

03-10-11  NASA Media Telecon Previews First Spacecraft to Orbit Mercury

03-07-11  Ten Days from Mercury Orbit Insertion

02-18-11  A Solar System Family Portrait, from the Inside Out

02-17-11  One Month Until Mercury Orbit Insertion

06-15-10  MESSENGER Reveals New Information about Mercury's Exosphere, Volcanism, and Magnetic Substorms

12-18-09  MESSENGER Probe Earns Praise from Popular Press

11-03-09  MESSENGER Spacecraft Reveals More Hidden Territory on Mercury

07-03-08  MESSENGER Settles Old Debates and Makes New Discoveries at Mercury

06-20-08  APL's Jim McAdams Named AIAA Engineer of the Year

04-28-08  Mercury Features Receive New Names

01-10-08  MESSENGER Set for Historic Mercury Flyby

06-05-07  MESSENGER Completes Second Flyby of Venus, Makes Its Way toward First Flyby of Mercury in 33 Years

12-12-05  MESSENGER Engine Burn Puts Spacecraft on Track for Venus

08-26-05  Movie Headlines MESSENGER Earth Flyby Gallery

05-31-05  MESSENGER Peeks at Earth

07-15-04  NASA Sending a MESSENGER to Mercury

03-09-04  MESSENGER Spacecraft Shipped to the Cape

12-19-03  MESSENGER Shipped to Goddard for Prelaunch Testing

10-07-03  Students to Get an Inside Look at NASA's First Mercury Orbiter Mission

03-29-02  NASA's MESSENGER Project Cleared to Build Spacecraft

06-07-01  NASA OKs Final Development for MESSENGER Mission

07-07-99  APL-Managed Mission to Mercury Selected for NASA Discovery Program Flight

11-13-98  MESSENGER and Aladdin Missions Selected as NASA Discovery Program Candidates