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TIMED (Thermosphere, Ionosphere, Mesosphere, Engergetics and Dynamics)

Media Contact:

Gina Ellrich
The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

12-07-11  TIMED Atmospheric Spacecraft Marks 10 Years of Groundbreaking Science

11-01-10  APL-led Atmospheric Mission Extended for Fourth Time

07-18-08  NASA Lauds Two APL-led Space Missions

12-08-06  TIMED Celebrates 5-Year Anniversary: Several AGU Sessions Showcase Mission Accomplishments

05-24-06  Two APL-built Instruments Observe Recent Total Solar Eclipse

05-24-06  Atmospheric Study Shows Similarities in Sun's Effects on Earth and Mars

05-22-06  APL-Led TIMED Mission Extended for Second Time

03-01-04  Space Weather Forecasts Favorable 03-5 Student Space Academy

12-01-03  Wildfires on the Sun — TIMED Records Impact of Record-Setting Solar Flares

10-01-03  NASA's TIMED Mission Extended for Future Studies

05-28-02  NASA Spacecraft Provides Critical Link in Sun-Earth Chain TIMED Observes Atmosphere's Response to Recent Solar Storms

02-11-02  TIMED Atmospheric Spacecraft Begins Data Collection

12-07-01  TIMED Atmospheric Spacecraft Successfully Launched

11-19-01  Spacecraft to Explore Atmospheric Frontier, Set for 12-Launch

10-30-01  Media Advisory: APL Hosts Space Academy

05-30-01  APL Ships Atmospheric Spacecraft for Upcoming Launch

03-02-01  Media Advisory: JHU/APL Hosts Media Event. Reporters Invited to Go Behind the Scenes of a Mission to Explore One of the Last Frontiers in Earth's Atmosphere

11-17-00  Media Advisory: APL Hosts Student Press Conference; Local Students Go Behind the Scenes of a Maryland-based Space Mission

11-08-99  Atmospheric Spacecraft Shipped to Goddard for Prelaunch Testing

06-07-99  Instrument Integration Begins on New Atmospheric Spacecraft