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NEAR (Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous)

Media Contacts:

Michael Buckley
The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

Helen Worth
The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

04-15-02  Aviation Week Honors JHU/APL Researchers and NEAR Mission

11-14-01  Smithsonian Selects NEAR Mission for 2001 Aerospace Trophy

11-14-01  NEAR Mission Picked for Popular Science "Best of What's New" Award

04-20-01  NEAR Team Studies Small-Scale Features on Eros

03-27-01  JHUAPL Receives Governor's Citation for Scientific Achievement

02-28-01  The End of an Asteroidal Adventure. NEAR Shoemaker Phones Home for the Last Time

02-14-01  NEAR Shoemaker's Historic Landing on Eros Exceeds Science, Engineering Expectations

02-12-01  NEAR Shoemaker Makes Historic Touchdown on Asteroid Eros

01-31-01  NEAR Mission Meets Science Goals; Ready for First-Ever Controlled Descent to an Asteroid

01-10-01  NEAR Shoemaker Primed for Final Weeks in Orbit

12-13-00  NEAR Shoemaker Engine Burn Puts Spacecraft on Track for Final Months in Orbit

10-24-00  NEAR Scientists Gathering Solid Data on Complex Asteroid Eros

10-23-00  NEAR Shoemaker Closes in for Unprecedented View of an Asteroid

09-21-00  NEAR Mission Discoveries Highlighted in Latest Issue of Science

05-30-00  NEAR Shoemaker Observations Link Eros to Primordial Solar System

03-14-00  NEAR Spacecraft Renamed for Planetary Science Pioneer

03-13-00  NEAR Team Reports Exciting First Month of Asteroid Eros Exploration

02-17-00  NEAR Team Digs into Early Data from Eros

02-13-00  NEAR Captures an Asteroid's Heart

02-08-00  NEAR Poised for Historic Asteroid Encounter

08-12-99  NEAR Engine Burn Puts Spacecraft on Target for Eros

02-08-99  NEAR Spacecraft Reveals Major Features of Eros

12-30-98  NEAR Spacecraft Set for 01-3 Main Engine Burn

12-22-98  NEAR Spacecraft to Fly by Asteroid Eros on 12 Dec. 23; Rendezvous with Eros in 2000

12-14-98  NEAR Spacecraft Closing in on Eros

05-29-98  Sighting of NEAR Spacecraft Sets Distance Record

01-23-98  NEAR Completes Flawless Earth Swingby

01-15-98  Earth Swingby Puts NEAR Spacecraft on Final Approach to Eros

09-29-97  NEAR Spacecraft Gets Unexpected View Of Mysterious Gamma-Ray Burst

07-03-97  Deep Space Maneuver Retargets NEAR for Asteroid 433 Eros Encounter

06-30-97  Asteroid Mathilde Reveals Her Dark Past

06-18-97  NEAR Fast Approaching Asteroid 253 Mathilde

06-02-97  Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous Encounter with Asteroid 253 Mathilde

11-25-96  NEAR Mission and All-Plastic Battery Win Popular Science "Best of What's New" Awards

04-09-96  Applied Physics Laboratory Honors NEAR Team for Underbudget Development and Launch

02-17-96  NEAR Earth Asteroid Rendezvous Spacecraft Successfully Launched