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Gina Ellrich
The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

10-24-17  APL Laser Communications System Wins 2017 TechConnect Defense Innovation Award

10-05-17  Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab Engineer Receives Navy Meritorious Public Service Award

08-24-17  APL Demonstrates High-Bandwidth Communications Capability at Sea

12-10-15  APL Plays Key Role in Complex Operational Test of Missile Defense Agency Ballistic Missile Defense System

10-04-13  APL Plays Key Role in Operational Ballistic Missile Defense Test

09-20-13  APL Plays Key Role in Sophisticated Naval Ballistic Missile Defense Test

06-13-08  APL Supports Dual-Target Tracking Exercise

06-05-08  APL Helps Enhance Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense Capability

12-17-07  Historic Test Off Hawaii's Coast

06-23-07  APL: A Technical Lead in Ballistic Missile Defense Flight Test

05-23-07  JHU Applied Physics Laboratory Opens Huntsville Field Office to Support Missile Defense Agency

05-16-07  Media Advisory: Media Invited to Grand Opening of JHU Applied Physics Laboratory's Huntsville Field Office to Support Missile Defense Agency

04-26-07  APL: Player in Hawaii-based Ballistic Missile Defense Flight Test

06-23-06  Ballistic Missile Defense Flight Test a Success

11-18-05  APL Provides a Unique View of Successful Intercept

11-17-05  APL Contributions Are Integral Part of Missile Defense Test

10-31-05  Technology Contributors Selected to Develop Human Computer Interface Components for J-UCAS Common Operating System

02-24-05  APL Contributions Aid Missile Defense Flight Test

12-11-03  APL Plays Key Role in Successful Missile Defense Flight Test

09-30-03  Demonstrations Show Satellites Extend Range of DoD Sensor Network Technology

06-03-03  CEC Prototypes Delivered to U.K.

01-27-03  Johns Hopkins CEPAR Kicks into Action During 'Shadow Bowl' Event

01-13-03  Johns Hopkins APL Announces First U.S. Application of New Simulation Standard

11-21-02  JHU/APL and Software Engineering Institute Forge Strategic Partnership

09-13-02  JHU/APL Plays Key Role in Flight Test of Navy's Next Generation Tomahawk Cruise Missile

06-24-02  APL-developed DoD Capability Approved for Production and Deployment

06-17-02  APL Technology Cornerstone of First Fully Integrated Hypersonic Cruise Missile Engine Test

04-25-02  Johns Hopkins APL Building a Better Mine Detector

04-17-01  U.S. Army and Johns Hopkins University Launch biotechnology Partnership

03-15-01  APL Advances Propulsion Technology for Hypersonic Missile Applications

01-10-01  APL Explores New Wind Tunnel Model Fabrication Method

02-28-97  U.S./Russian Scientists Collaborate on Launch of Two Sounding Rockets