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2016 Press Releases

12-21-16  Johns Hopkins University, Applied Physics Laboratory Join Facebook Research Agreement

12-21-16  APL Plays Key Role in Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense System Intercept Flight Test

12-12-16  Johns Hopkins APL, Navy Demonstrate High-Speed, Autonomous Surface Patrol Capability

12-12-16  Johns Hopkins APL’s Fox Named to Naval Academy Board of Visitors

11-30-16  Maryland Roundtable for Education Celebrates 25th Anniversary

11-22-16  APL’s RAVAN CubeSat Will Study Earth Climate Imbalance

11-17-16  APL’s Gardner Earns Maryland "Outstanding Young Engineer" Honors

11-01-16  New Study Reveals Relationships Between Chemicals Found on Comets

10-28-16  Pluto Exploration Complete: New Horizons Returns Last Bits of 2015 Flyby Data to Earth

10-27-16  Johns Hopkins APL's Lisa Blodgett Joins Board of Naval Submarine League

10-26-16  Andrew Merkle Appointed Research and Exploratory Development Mission Area Executive

10-17-16  Johns Hopkins inHealth and Applied Physics Laboratory Join Forces to Revolutionize Medicine

10-11-16  General John Allen, Dr. Michael D. Griffin and Admiral Samuel Locklear Join Johns Hopkins APL as Senior Fellows

09-26-16  APL Mathematician Receives Women of Color Technology Award

09-14-16  X-Ray Detection Sheds New Light on Pluto

09-01-16  Ice Not a Major Factor of Dwarf Planet Ceres' Surface Features

09-01-16  APL Receives Department of Homeland Security Under Secretary’s Award

08-29-16  Mike White to Lead Air and Missile Defense at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

08-11-16  Submarine Technology Symposium Fosters Collaboration, Innovation

08-10-16  Johns Hopkins APL Begins Construction on New Warehouse Facility

07-29-16  APL Instrument Shows Mars Gullies Likely Not Formed By Liquid Water

07-27-16  APL Team Develops Innovative Remote Rail Security and Inspection System

07-21-16  Johns Hopkins APL Names Patrick Binning Mission Area Executive for National Security Space

07-14-16  Solar Probe Plus Moves into Advanced Development

07-08-16  Romaine Joins APL as General Counsel

07-05-16  NASA’s Juno Spacecraft — and APL’s JEDI — in Orbit Around Mighty Jupiter

07-01-16  APL Scientist Receives NASA’s Highest Service Award

06-29-16  NASA’s Juno and JEDI: Ready to Unlock Mysteries of Jupiter

06-22-16  BOPPS Team Soars Again with NASA Group Achievement Award

06-20-16  New Pelagos Sensor System Improves U.S. Submarine Operations

06-08-16  APL Space Missions Commemorated on Postage Stamps

06-06-16  Johns Hopkins APL to Teach Children of Wounded Warriors About Prosthetics Using Virtual Reality

05-19-16  NASA’s Van Allen Probes Reveal Long-Term Behavior of Earth’s Ring Current

05-06-16  First Global Topographic Model of Mercury among MESSENGER’s Latest Delivery to the Planetary Data System

04-20-16  APL Recognizes World-Class Expertise at 2016 Achievement Awards

04-19-16  New Textbook by APL Authors Shares Lessons Learned on Creating a Culture of Innovation in Large Organizations

04-11-16  APL Draws More Than 500 Girls to 10th Annual Girl Power Event

04-01-16  APL Lauded for Space Science, Engineering Achievements

03-28-16  College Cyber Defenders Get Set for “Operation Cyber Bailout”

03-25-16  Johns Hopkins APL Hosts Baltimore/Washington Space Apps Challenge, April 23–24

03-24-16  APL Proposal for Next-Generation Solar Array Technology Selected by NASA

03-21-16  Datacasting Technology Gives First Responders More Secure, Better Information during Emergencies

03-18-16  Research Papers in Science Reveal New Aspects of Pluto and Its Moons

03-17-16  New UAV Can Launch from Underwater for Aerial Missions

03-07-16  MESSENGER Data May Reveal the Remains of Mercury’s Oldest Crust

03-03-16  How the Nation's Electric Utilities Can Speed Recovery from Cyber-Induced Blackouts

02-25-16  Johns Hopkins APL to Host “Girl Power” STEM Event on March 6

02-24-16  Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory Establishes Additive Manufacturing Center of Excellence

02-23-16  Fast Company Magazine Lists APL Among World’s “Most Innovative” Companies

02-02-16  Richard Danzig and Paul Stockton Join Johns Hopkins APL as Senior Fellows

01-27-16  Nation's Top Electrical Engineering Student Begins Career at APL

01-20-16  Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory Celebrates Black History Month

01-18-16  Johns Hopkins APL Names Preston Dunlap Mission Area Executive

01-12-16  APL’s Modular Prosthetic Limb Reaches New Levels of Operability

01-06-16  Stephen Lewia Named Mission Area Executive

01-04-16  Johns Hopkins APL Team Visits Washington, D.C., for Dengue Prediction Challenge Win