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photo of Christine Fox
Christine Fox


Ms. Christine Fox
Assistant Director
Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
Former Acting Deputy Secretary of Defense

“Sustaining Our Technological Edge – Facing Up to the Challenges”
APL’s Rethinking Seminar Series
Thursday, March 26
6–8 p.m.
Marriott Residence Inn, Pentagon City
550 Army Navy Drive, Arlington, VA 22202

“From an innovation perspective, the Department is living in an over-constrained system. But we still have options to develop practically, thoughtfully and broadly that we should explore.”
—Christine Fox

The United States is very accustomed to having the strongest, most advanced military in the world. But sustaining that position requires investment. Today, the Department of Defense is struggling to pay for the force we own, let alone the force of the future. Meanwhile, our potential adversaries are investing heavily in new technologies. How do we continue to innovate in this environment? Ms. Fox will discuss the challenges facing the nation, some possible approaches and the broader implications of the current budget situation on sustaining the most advanced military in the world.

About Christine Fox

Ms. Fox is the Assistant Director of Policy and Analysis at Johns Hopkins APL. Formerly she served as the Acting Deputy Secretary of Defense and the Director of DoD’s Cost Assessment and Program Evaluations (CAPE) Office. While at CAPE, Fox led several Department-wide reviews related to operations, technology and, especially, the budget.

As the Assistant Director of Policy and Analysis, Ms. Fox leads efforts to increase APL’s engagement on technical policy issues and directs research and analysis projects on behalf of the Department of Defense, the intelligence community, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and other federal agencies. With more than 5,300 staff at what is the nation’s largest University Affiliated Research Center, Johns Hopkins APL makes critical contributions to a wide variety of national and global technical and scientific challenges.

About “Rethinking”

Since 2004, the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory has organized and sponsored “Rethinking,” a recurring series of seminars on national security and foreign relations topics. These free events bring together distinguished speakers and those interested in exploring such important issues. The theme for the 11th Rethinking Seminar Series (2014–15 academic year) is Rethinking Global Security Constructs, Threats and Potential Responses.

Learn more at the Rethinking site: https://dnnpro.outer.jhuapl.edu/rethinking/MainPage.aspx

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