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2013 Press Releases

12-10-13  Johns Hopkins APL Will Launch RAVAN to Help Solve an Earth Science Mystery

12-09-13  NASA Chief Engineer Michael Ryschkewitsch to Lead Space Programs at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory

11-25-13  A Tale of Two Comets: MESSENGER Captures Images of Encke and ISON

11-19-13  Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab Launches New Generation of Small Satellites

11-05-13  Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab to Lead NASA Solar System Exploration Research Institute Team

10-31-13  Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab Holds Parent STEM Workshop

10-31-13  APL's Jerry Krill to Be Honored for Naval Networking Technology

10-04-13  APL Plays Key Role in Operational Ballistic Missile Defense Test

09-28-13  BRRISON Soars to Study Comet ISON

09-27-13  MD Students to Help APL Create a Map of the Brain

09-23-13  CRISM Reveals New Website

09-20-13  APL Plays Key Role in Sophisticated Naval Ballistic Missile Defense Test

09-12-13  NASA's Voyager 1 Reaches Interstellar Space

08-28-13  Patrick Gibbons Joins APL as Chief Communications Officer

08-26-13  Scientists Detect Magmatic Water on Moon's Surface

08-22-13  Johns Hopkins APL, Howard County Economic Development Authority Form Tech Transfer Partnership

08-19-13  Former Defense Department Executive Joins APL's National Security Analysis Team

08-14-13  Researchers Discover Quantum Algorithm That Could Improve Stealth Fighter Design

07-23-13  NASA's Spitzer Observes Gas Emission from Comet ISON

07-15-13  Comet ISON Observer's Workshop Set for Aug. 1–2

07-01-13  Johns Hopkins APL Releases Open-Source Electronic Disease Surveillance Software

06-27-13  At the Solar System's Edge, More Surprises from NASA's Voyager

05-22-13  Johns Hopkins APL Researchers Receive Best Medical Paper Award at International Robotics Conference

05-16-13  Johns Hopkins APL Plays Key Role in Test of Second-Generation Aegis BMD Missile Defense System

05-15-13  Scientists Shape First Global Topographic Map of Saturn's Moon Titan

05-13-13  APL Recognizes Top Inventions, Researchers and Papers

04-24-13  Media Advisory: Technical Achievement Awards Event

04-08-13  Workshop to Explore Scientific Potential of Suborbital Spacecraft

04-05-13  APL Hosts Cybersecurity Competition Pitting College Defenders Against Pro Hackers

03-27-13  Backpack Mapping System Captures Intelligence in Tough-to-Get-to Places

03-20-13  APL Novel Method Accurately Predicts Disease Outbreaks

03-08-13  APL Particle Camera and Spectrometer Selected to Reveal the Jupiter System in a New Light

02-28-13  Van Allen Probes Reveal a New Radiation Belt Around Earth

02-22-13  Johns Hopkins APL to Host 'Girl Power'

02-13-13  APL Plays Key Role in Critical Integrated BMD Test

01-20-13  APL Instrument Shows Martian Crater May Have Once Held Groundwater-Fed Lake