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For Immediate Release
December 10, 2009
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Michael Buckley, JHU Applied Physics Laboratory
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Johns Hopkins APL Licenses Patents for Innovative Solar Power Source to Genesis Electronics

The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel, Md., has licensed two patents to Genesis Electronics Group, Inc., covering a compact power source that produces electricity from solar energy.

Designed to be thin and extremely flexible, the self-contained power source can fit a variety of applications — even taking the shape of the device it powers. Florida-based Genesis plans to integrate the technology into solar-powered chargers for cell phones and related hand-held electronic devices; the company is finalizing development of a solar-powered charger called SunBlazerTM.which it expects to release within the next several months.

“The invention enables batteries in small electronic appliances to be charged and deliver power more effectively,” says APL’s Joe Suter, who invented the device with co-workers Binh Le and Ark Lew. “You can even shrink the size of the battery.”
Combining creativity with technical prowess, APL engineers and scientists address some of the nation’s toughest technological challenges – and APL’s technology transfer programs connect these innovations, often developed for government use, with commercial firms that bring them to market and broaden their impact. “This invention meets a demand for more accessible, efficient and clean energy sources, and it’ll be applied to devices we use every day,” says Teresa Colella, a technology manager in APL’s Office of Technology Transfer. “This will provide real benefits to the public.”

The agreement gives Genesis limited exclusive worldwide rights to the U.S. patents, with the potential for APL to provide research and development assistance.

APL launched its Office of Technology Transfer in 1999 to facilitate the transfer of technology developed at the Laboratory to the private sector, and over its first decade OTT has ranked among the top research universities in its number of inventions, licenses, patent applications, patents issued, start-up companies, and associated research and development income. For more information on APL’s technology transfer initiatives and opportunities, visit www.jhuapl.edu/ott.

For more information on Genesis and SunBlazerTM, visit www.genesiselectronics.net


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