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2007 Press Releases

12-19-07  Global Map Reveals Mineral Distribution on Mars

12-17-07  Historic Test Off Hawaii's Coast

12-12-07  Cassini Captures Best View Yet of Saturn's Ring Currents

11-15-07  APL Researchers Zoom In on Heart of Mystery Comet

10-30-07  New Aerial Technology For Homeland Security Unveiled By State, Federal, and University Partners

10-12-07  Revolutionizing Prosthetics 2009 Team Receives Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Award

10-03-07  APL Astronomer Spies Conditions "Just Right" for Building an Earth

08-28-07  APL, European Scientists Glean Turbulent Lessons from Titan

08-23-07  APL-Developed Automated Signaling Device Could Indicate Boats in Distress

08-01-07  APL's Glen Fountain Earns AIAA von Braun Award For Space Program Management

07-23-07  Applied Physics Lab Pioneer Receives National Medal of Science

07-19-07  Scientists Find Comet's Chemistry Is Same Inside and Out

06-23-07  APL: A Technical Lead in Ballistic Missile Defense Flight Test

06-05-07  MESSENGER Completes Second Flyby of Venus, Makes Its Way toward First Flyby of Mercury in 33 Years

05-23-07  JHU Applied Physics Laboratory Opens Huntsville Field Office to Support Missile Defense Agency

05-16-07  Media Invited to Grand Opening of JHU Applied Physics Laboratory's Huntsville Field Office to Support Missile Defense Agency

05-16-07  Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory Space Scientist Honored as AIAA Fellow

05-01-07  Maryland Students to Learn About Exploring Pluto in May 4th "Space Academy" Event at APL

04-26-07  APL: Player in Hawaii-based Ballistic Missile Defense Flight Test

04-26-07  Revolutionizing Prosthetics 2009 Team Delivers First DARPA Limb Prototype

04-17-07  Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory Names Inventions of the Year

04-11-07  APL to Salute Top Inventions, Inventors at 04-17 Event

04-04-07  APL-operated Spacecraft Recognized by Missile Defense Agency's Technology Pioneer Award

03-09-07  Hopkins Applied Physics Lab Breaks Ground for Largest Building

03-09-07  APL-Built Microscopic Instrument Launched Aboard Air Force Academy Satellite

02-28-07  Pluto-Bound New Horizons Spacecraft Gets a Boost from Jupiter

02-21-07  APL, SAIS to Host 2nd Annual Symposium on Meeting the Unrestricted Warfare Threat

02-19-07  APL Licenses Arc-Fault Detection Technology

02-16-07  APL's Paul Spudis to Discuss a Return to the Moon at the AAAS 2007 Annual Meeting

01-31-07  Space Technology Benefits Medical Community

01-24-07  Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory Celebrates Black History Month

01-23-07  Twin APL-Built Spacecraft Swing Past Moon, Preparing for 3-D Solar Studies

01-18-07  Zooming to Pluto, APL-Built New Horizons Spacecraft Closes in on Jupiter

01-11-07  NASA Briefing to Preview Jupiter Flyby of APL-Managed Pluto Mission