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2006 Press Releases

12-08-06  Researchers Identify Driver for Near-Earth Space Weather

12-08-06  TIMED Celebrates 5-Year Anniversary: Several AGU Sessions Showcase Mission Accomplishments

12-01-06  Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory Opens CDC-Funded Center in Public Health Informatics

11-08-06  APL Awarded Air Force Space-Sensor Contract

11-06-06  Engineer at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory Makes Scientific American's Annual Top 50 List

11-01-06  Kristin Gray Named Head of APL's Technology Transfer Office

10-25-06  Twin APL-Built, Solar-Studying Spacecraft Successfully Launched

10-16-06  NASA Orbiter Reveals New Details of Mars, Young and Old

10-05-06  Lisa Blodgett Sets Priorities for Undersea Warfare Business Area at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory

10-05-06  Tim Collins to Lead Precision Engagement Business Area at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory

10-03-06  NASA Awards Research, Development and Engineering Contract to the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory

09-27-06  APL-Built Mineral-Mapping Imager Begins Mission at Mars

09-12-06  FDA Approves Use of APL-Developed Bone Density Technology

09-12-06  Johns Hopkins APL Licenses Security System that Instantly Identifies, Tracks Gunshot Incidents

08-24-06  Robert Strain to Head Space Department at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory

08-17-06  Two APL-Built Spacecraft Set for 08-31 Launch

06-29-06  Johns Hopkins APL Licenses Technology to Evaluate Air and Water

06-23-06  Ballistic Missile Defense Flight Test a Success

06-23-06  APL's T. Adrian Hill Named AIAA Engineer of the Year

06-22-06  Pluto's Two Small Moons Christened Nix and Hydra

05-24-06  Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory Names Inventions of the Year

05-24-06  Two APL-Built Instruments Observe Recent Total Solar Eclipse

05-24-06  Atmospheric Study Shows Similarities in Sun's Effects on Earth and Mars

05-24-06  APL to Build Radiation Belt Storm Probes

05-22-06  APL-Led TIMED Mission Extended for Second Time

05-03-06  Twin APL-Built Spacecraft Begin Launch Preparations in Florida

04-27-06  APL Researchers Use Hubble to Track Comet's Spectacular Breakup

04-24-06  Applied Physics Lab Celebrates 10th Anniversary Of Midcourse Space Experiment Satellite

04-19-06  David V. Kalbaugh Receives Secretary of Defense Medal

04-05-06  Applied Physics Laboratory Among Recipients of Missile Defense Agency's First Technology Pioneer Award

03-24-06  Doshi to Head Research and Technology Development Center at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory

03-13-06  Microscopic Radiator Flying on "Skin" of a NASA Spacecraft

03-10-06  A Colorful Discovery about Pluto's Moons

02-22-06  Researchers Describe Discovery of Pluto's New Moons

02-09-06  APL to Lead Team Developing Revolutionary Prosthesis

02-07-06  Hopkins APL Licenses Bone Health Analysis Technology

02-03-06  Happy 100th Birthday, Clyde Tombaugh! New Horizons Mission Salutes Pluto's Discoverer

01-30-06  New Horizons Successfully Performs First Post-Launch Maneuvers

01-26-06  APL Licenses Molecularly Imprinted Polymer Portfolio

01-19-06  NASA's Pluto Mission Launched Toward New Horizons