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2004 Press Releases

11-30-04  APL Chief Scientist Receives Johns Hopkins University President's Medal

10-25-04  Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory Startup Company Transforms 3-D Imaging Technology

10-22-04  Seeing the Sun in 3-D

08-03-04  Mercury-Bound MESSENGER Launches from Cape

07-15-04  NASA Sending a MESSENGER to Mercury

06-30-04  APL Imager Aims at Saturn's Space Environment

06-29-04  APL's Robin Vaughan Named AIAA Engineer of the Year

06-17-04  Johns Hopkins Researcher Sees Hurricanes as Catalyst for Ocean Plant Growth

06-07-04  APL Space Physicist Edmond Roelof Elected Fellow of the American Geophysical Union

06-03-04  NSBRI Funds Two Biomedical Projects at Johns Hopkins APL

05-05-04  Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory Opens New Jersey Office

04-27-04  APL Hosts Student Robotic Competition on Space Day

04-22-04  National Capital Region Launches Area Disease Reporting Network

04-20-04  Johns Hopkins APL Names Inventions of the Year

04-19-04  Michael Griffin Heads Space Department at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory

04-14-04  APL to Name Top Inventions, Inventors on 04-20

03-12-04  APL Director Richard T. Roca Named to Homeland Security Science and Technology Advisory Committee

03-09-04  MESSENGER Spacecraft Ships to the Cape

03-01-04  Space Weather Forecasts Favorable 03-5 Student Space Academy

02-02-04  The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory Names Russell Gingras Chief of Staff

02-02-04  Ronald Luman to Head Joint Warfare Analysis Department at Johns Hopkins University APL