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2001 Press Releases

12-20-01  Top Navy Awards Presented to APL and Former Assistant Director

12-20-01  APL Staffer to Carry Olympic Torch in Baltimore

12-19-01  APL Engineer to Lead Space Research Team

12-18-01  APL Licenses Map Technology to North Star Science and Technology

12-11-01  APL Names Security Officer of the Year

12-07-01  TIMED Atmospheric Spacecraft Successfully Launched

12-05-01  Md. MESA Program Wins $10,000 Presidential Award

11-30-01  NASA Taps APL Team for First Pluto-Kuiper Belt Mission 

11-19-01  Spacecraft to Explore Atmospheric Frontier Set for 12-Launch

11-14-01  Smithsonian Selects NEAR Mission for 2001 Aerospace Trophy

11-14-01  NEAR Mission Picked for Popular Science "Best of What's New" Award

11-09-01  APL Joins Search for Water on Mars

10-30-01  APL Hosts Space Academy

10-18-01  APL Licenses Retinal Treatment Method to Novadaq Technologies

10-18-01  APL Technology Drives Maryland Vehicle-Screening Initiative

10-09-01  APL Announces License Agreement with EMS Technologies

09-25-01  Jazz Concert to Benefit Scholarship Fund

09-10-01  APL Announces Strategic R&D Alliance with Arbitron Inc. 

07-25-01  APL's Antoine and Lilly Honored at Women of Color Conference

07-16-01  JHU/APL Names Richard Suess Chief of Staff

07-10-01  Maryland MESA Students Take Second Place in First National Competition

07-09-01  APL Awarded $600 Million Contract to Study Solar Effects

06-12-01  Krill to Head APL's Power Projection Systems Department

06-08-01  NASA Selects APL's Pluto Mission Proposal for Further Study

06-07-01  NASA OKs Final Development for MESSENGER Mission

05-30-01  Kalbaugh Appointed Assistant Director, Programs, at JHU/APL

05-30-01  Eric Bohn Named CIO at JHU/APL

05-30-01  APL Ships Atmospheric Spacecraft for Upcoming Launch

05-11-01  Haze-Preventing Eye Drops Named APL Invention of the Year

05-02-01  "Space Academy" Coming to APL

04-26-01  JHU/APL to Honor Top Inventors, Inventions on 05-11

04-20-01  NEAR Team Studies Small-Scale Features on Eros

04-17-01  U.S. Army and JHU Launch Biotechnology Partnership

04-03-01  NSBRI Funds Five Biomedical Projects at Johns Hopkins APL

03-27-01  JHU/APL Receives Governor's Citation for Scientific Achievement

03-22-01  The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory Announces Licensing Agreement with Goodrich

03-15-01  APL Advances Propulsion Technology for Hypersonic Missile Applications

03-02-01  JHU/APL Hosts Media Event. Reporters Invited to Go Behind the Scenes of a Mission to Explore One of the Last Frontiers in Earth's Atmosphere

02-28-01  The End of an Asteroidal Adventure. NEAR Shoemaker Phones Home for the Last Time

02-22-01  JHU/APL Broadens Use of Its Satellite Communications Facility

02-20-01  JHU/APL Wins 2001 Pre-College Program of the Year Award

02-14-01  NEAR Shoemaker's Historic Landing on Eros Exceeds Science, Engineering Expectations

02-12-01  NEAR Shoemaker Makes Historic Touchdown on Asteroid Eros

01-31-01  NEAR Mission Meets Science Goals; Ready for First-Ever Controlled Descent to an Asteroid

01-23-01  Cassini Camera Visualizes the Invisible During Jupiter Flyby

01-10-01  APL Explores New Wind Tunnel Model Fabrication Method

01-10-01  NEAR Shoemaker Primed for Final Weeks in Orbit