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2000 Press Releases

12-18-00  APL Researchers Now Able to Map Global Space Weather

12-13-00  NEAR Shoemaker Engine Burn Puts Spacecraft on Track for Final Months in Orbit

11-17-00  APL Hosts Student Press Conference; Local Students Go Behind the Scenes of a Maryland-Based Space Mission

10-24-00  NEAR Scientists Gathering Solid Data on Complex Asteroid Eros

10-23-00  NEAR Shoemaker Closes in for Unprecedented View of an Asteroid

10-06-00  APL Hosts First On-Site Career Fair: 10-14

10-06-00  NASA Administrator Daniel Goldin to Speak at JHU/APL Colloquium

10-05-00  Applied Physics Lab Tops United Way Campaign Goal

09-21-00  NEAR Mission Discoveries Highlighted in Latest Issue of Science

08-10-00  Researchers Find Evidence of Folds on Europa, Provide Clues About Evolution of Jovian Moon's Surface

08-08-00  APL Licenses Internet Technologies to Sphere Corporation

06-28-00  Food Toxin Sensor Selected as Johns Hopkins APL Invention of the Year

06-12-00  JHU/APL to Honor Inventors at 06-27 Ceremony

06-06-00  APL Launches Spin-off Company to Commercialize Software

05-30-00  NEAR Shoemaker Observations Link Eros to Primordial Solar System

05-05-00  International Conference Attendees Examine, Outline Successful Elements of Low-Cost Space Missions

05-02-00  APL Licenses Innovative Retinal Treatment Technology to Akorn, Inc.

04-28-00  APL Applies its Expertise to Maryland Company

04-20-00  International Conference to Focus on Status, Future of Low-Cost Planetary Missions

03-14-00  NEAR Spacecraft Renamed for Planetary Science Pioneer

03-13-00  NEAR Team Reports Exciting First Month of Asteroid Eros Exploration

02-17-00  NEAR Team Digs into Early Data from Eros

02-13-00  NEAR Captures an Asteroid's Heart

02-08-00  NEAR Poised for Historic Asteroid Encounter