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10 July 1998
For Immediate Release

Harold Heaton Selected as Tuve Fellow at APL

Harold Heaton, a program manager for advanced technology in the Submarine Technology Department of The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL), Laurel, Md., has been selected as the 1998-1999 Merle A. Tuve Fellow.

Heaton will spend the coming academic year at the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore examining methods for improving the image products from space-borne interferometers used to collect high-resolution data from objects in space. He will also study requirements for space-based demonstrations to reduce technology risks in a proposed joint NASA/Air Force program.

Employed by the Laboratory since 1977, Heaton has a Ph.D. in astronomy and astrophysics from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Mass., and is a member of APL's Principal Professional Staff, the Laboratory's highest professional classification. He is a member of the editorial board of the Johns Hopkins APL Technical Digest and a member of the Optical Society of America.

The Tuve Fellowship is named for Merle A. Tuve, APL's first Director (1942-1946), who died in 1982, the year the Fellowship was established. The Fellowship is conferred on an APL staff member by competitive application with final selection by the Laboratory's Committee on JHU/APL Sabbatical Fellows and Professors.

The Applied Physics Laboratory is a not-for-profit laboratory and independent division of The Johns Hopkins University. APL conducts research and development primarily for national security and for nondefense projects of national and global significance. APL is located midway between Baltimore and Washington, D.C., in Laurel, Md.

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