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Lance Team Supports Missile Defense Mission (Redstone Rocket, August 12, 2015)

MERLIN: The Creative Choices Behind a Proposal to Explore the Martian Moons (The Planetary Society, August 10, 2015)

NASA’s New Horizons Probe Glimpses Pluto’s Dark Side (The New York Times, July 25, 2015)

The Heroes and the Secrets of the Pluto Mission (The Washington Post, July 20, 2015)

The Long, Strange Trip to Pluto, and How NASA Nearly Missed It (The New York Times, July 18, 2015)

For One of Its Developers, the New Horizons Probe Crosses Eras on Earth (The Washington Post, July 12, 2015)

NASA’s New Horizons Probe Phones Home After Historic Pluto Flyby (NBC News, July 14, 2015)

New Horizons Computer Overload Won’t Hurt the Mission to Pluto, NASA Says (The Washington Post, July 6, 2015)

Almost Time for Pluto’s Close-Up (The New York Times, July 6, 2015)

That’s No Moon, It’s a Rock Band (Gizmodo, July 5, 2015)

Spring Arbor Native Kirby Runyon Applies Space Passion to NASA Mission (MLive, June 29, 2015)

Hospital ICUs Mine Big Data in Push for Better Outcomes (The Wall Street Journal, June 25, 2015)

A Spacecraft Launched in 2006 Is about to Try for Our First Good Photo of Pluto (The Washington Post, June 20, 2015)

U.S. Military Seeking Ways to Knock Drones from the Sky (The Baltimore Sun, June 20, 2015)

NASA Mission to Icy Jupiter Moon Set to Hunt for Signs of Life (The Baltimore Sun, June 11, 2015)

Startup Aims to Scour the Dark Web for Stolen Data (MIT Technology Review, June 3, 2015)

Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab Tackles New Frontiers (Baltimore Business Journal, May 28, 2015)

NASA’s Europa Mission Begins with Selection of Science Instruments (NASA, May 26, 2015)

Neural Implants Let Paralyzed Man Take a Drink (Fox News, May 22, 2015)

Prosthetic Limbs, Controlled by Thought (The New York Times, May 20, 2015)

Kittleman Forms Early Childhood Education Task Force (Capital Gazette, May 18, 2015)

‘Wearable Robot’ Helping Paralyzed Olympian to Walk (Arizona Daily Star, May 16, 2015)

Howard Gears up For Bike to Work Day (The Baltimore Sun, May 13, 2015)

NASA Funds 'Squid Rover,' 14 Other Far-Out Space Tech Ideas (Space.com, May 11, 2015)

Miller’s Refreshing Thoughts Should be Applauded by All (Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier, May 5, 2015)

APL Candidate Advances in NASA Space Apps Challenge (Business Monthly, May 4, 2015)

Spacecraft to Make Death Dive Into Mercury (CNN, April 30, 2015)

Astronomy Day at Robinson Nature Center Gets Kids Excited about Space (The Baltimore Sun, April 28, 2015)

NASA’s Messenger Mission Is Set to Crash Into Mercury (The New York Times, April 27, 2015)

Mayfield Woods Students Get an Up Close Look at NASA Mission (The Baltimore Sun, April 27, 2015)

Out of Fuel, MESSENGER Will Slam into Mercury (USA Today, April 20, 2015)

New Horizons: This Is The First Ever Color Picture of Pluto (Forbes, April 16, 2015)

NASA Mercury Probe Trying to Survive for another Month (Space.com, March 29, 2015)

Planetary Pioneer: Tom Krimigis, Exploring the Solar System since 1965 (Air & Space/Smithsonian, March 24, 2015)

Delta 4-Heavy Selected for Launch of Solar Probe Plus (Spaceflight Now, March 18, 2015)

Severe Solar Storm Surprises Scientists, Wows Skywatchers with Colorful Aurorae (The Baltimore Sun, March 17, 2015)

Mercury Seen as Never Before (Nature.com, March 16, 2015)

U.S. Plutonium Stockpile Good for Two More Nuclear Batteries after Mars 2020 (SpaceNews, March 11, 2015)

NASA ‘Exhilarated’ as Dawn Orbits Mini-Planet Ceres (USA Today, March 6, 2015)

APL’s Fifth Period Comic Targets the Next Gen of STEM Talent (Johns Hopkins Magazine, Spring 2015)

Drill into Mars for Clues to Earth’s Climate (New Scientist, March 4, 2015)

Dawn Spacecraft Sees Spots as It Approaches Mysterious Ceres (Scientific American, March 2, 2015)

Space Submarine Could Explore Titan’s Methane Seas (Space.com, February 18, 2015)

Man and Machine: APL’s Modular Prosthetic Limb and the Science of Prosthetics: “Man and Machine”; “Science of Touch”; “Johnny Matheny, the ‘Chuck Yeager’ of prosthetics testing” (PBS NewsHour, February 12 and 13, 2015)

Spacecraft Built By JHU Getting Closer To Pluto (WJZ-TV, February 12, 2015)

APL, HCEDA Teamwork Advancing Tech Transfer (The Business Monthly, February 3, 2015)

Averting Space Doom: Solving the Orbital Junk Problem (IEEE Spectrum, January 28, 2015)

Prime Time for Pluto: New Horizons Probe Ramps Up for Flyby (NBC News, January 15, 2015)


Hopkins scientists find way to extend mission to Mercury (The Baltimore Sun, December 29, 2014)

Watch a shoulder-level amputee control his new robot arms (The Washington Post, December 19, 2014)

Double amputee controls two robotic arms with his mind (Engadget, December 18, 2014)

Dunes on Saturn’s moon Titan need firm winds to move (Astronomy Now, December 8, 2014)

It’s Alive! NASA’s New Horizon Pluto Probe ‘Wakes Up’ for Work (NBC News, December 6, 2014)

New Horizons mission nearing Pluto after nine years in space (The Baltimore Sun, December 1, 2014)

Delaying Death: Mercury Spacecraft Firing Engines to Stay up Until 2015 (Universe Today, November 28, 2014)

Scientists Find Invisible Space Shield Protecting Earth (ABC 2 WMAR Baltimore, November 27, 2014)

Dr. Christina Viviano-Beck: “Be nice to people, and conduct yourself professionally and your science responsibly – it matters”. (Women in Planetary Science, November 24, 2014)

When Hopkins and Voyager 1 Went to Jupiter (The Baltimore Sun, November 14, 2014)

The Prosthetics Industry Gets A Human Touch (NPR, November 11, 2014)

Global Security Threats (C-SPAN, November 10, 2014)

Kendall Commissions Air Dominance, Cyber Task Forces (InsideDefense.com, November 5, 2014)

Parkland Middle School students get first-hand look at space science (The Gazette, November 3, 2014)

Ice Spotted on Mercury—Yes, We Know It Sounds Nuts (Time, October 20, 2014)

The Best Seat in the House for Sunday’s Comet Flyby Is Mars (Scientific American, October 18, 2014)

Mars Orbiters, Rovers Poised for Dramatic Comet Flyby (CBS News, October 9, 2014)

Europa Clipper Opts for Solar Power over Nuclear (Space News, October 8, 2014)

Navy Will Deploy Swarms of Autonomous Robots to Protect Warships at Sea (National Defense Magazine, October 5, 2014)

‘Space Bubbles’ May Have Led to Deadly Battle in Afghanistan (Science, September 23, 2014)

Jupiter’s Moon Europa May Have Plate Tectonics Just Like Earth (Space.com, September 8, 2014)

‘Wandering Stones’ of Death Valley Explained (Nature, August 27, 2014)

Hopkins Scientists Plans To Study Mercury Until Messenger Spacecraft Crashes (WJZ-TV, August 21, 2014)

As MESSENGER Nears Crash Landing on Mercury, Scientists Racing to Collect Best Data Yet (Baltimore Sun, August 20, 2014)

Standard Missile Shows Versatility with ‘Juliet’ Flight Test (Seapower Magazine, August 15, 2014)

At Last! Cassini Spies Methane Clouds on Saturn’s Moon Titan (Los Angeles Times, August 12, 2014)

NASA Probing Secrets of Van Allen Radiation Belts (Voice of America, August 7, 2014)

Probing Space With Cardboard, Foil And Duct Tape (WYPR-FM, July 25, 2014)

K-9s Specially Trained To Sniff Out Bombs Hidden On A Moving Target (WJZ-TV, July 11, 2014)

Did Huge Impact Shape Planet Mercury? (Space.com, July 6, 2014)

USAMRIID Leads Effort on Viral Genome Sequencing Standards (Global Biodefense, June 25, 2014)

Manufacturing Contemplates a 3-D Printing Revolution (The Baltimore Sun, May 24, 2014)

TANG Working Group Unlocks Sailors’ Creativity (Ho'Okele, May 23, 2014)

CubeSat Miniature Satellites Poised to Disrupt Aerospace Industry (Pasadena Star-News, May 18, 2014)

Bionic man struts stuff at Pentagon, has history with Hagel (Stars and Stripes, April 22, 2014)

A Fresh Coat of Paint Can Save Navy Billions (National Defense Magazine, May 2014)

Computer Whizzes Do Battle With ‘Blizzard’ and a ‘Cyberattack’ (NBCNews.com, March 31, 2014)

Science Graphic of the Week: Zebra Stripes Discovered in Earth’s Radiation Belts (Wired Science, March 20, 2014)

Ganymede mapped: See best map yet of our solar system’s largest moon (Los Angeles Times, February 13, 2014)

Tiny Satellites May Answer Big Climate Change Question (Space News, January 20, 2014)

Mini-Satellites to Help Predict Earth’s Climate (Voice of America, January 16, 2014)

Tiny satellites could revolutionize earth, space science research (The Baltimore Sun, January 10, 2014)


Bon Voyage, Voyager: Old Friends Take Stock (National Public Radio, December 31, 2013)

Comet Nears Sun, Offering Planetary Clues (The New York Times, November 26, 2013)

Hubble Space Telescope spots unprecedented asteroid with six tails (Nature, November 8, 2013)

ABLE earplugs could protect against bomb blasts; APL engineers invented the inexpensive plugs (The Baltimore Sun, September 15, 2013)

Moon Water Discovery Hints at Mystery Source Deep Underground (Space.com, August 27, 2013)

Ulman announces Howard County program to commercialize inventions (The Baltimore Sun, August 22, 2103)

Sand Dune Is About To Bury Fictional Star Wars City -- And Scientists Are Thrilled (The Huffington Post, July 23, 2013)

Drone Swarm: Networks of Small UAVs Offer Big Capabilities (C4ISR, June 12, 2013)

Government and Higher Education Team Up to Tackle Big Data (EdTechMagazine.com, June 20, 2013)

Thought-powered bionic arm 'like something from space' (CNN, May 2, 2013)

Budgets Nudge NASA Toward Balloon-Based Planetary Science: First Target? Comet ISON (Forbes.com, April 24, 2013)

Backpack creates instant maps for dangerous missions (FoxNews.com, April 9, 2013)

Bright Minds: Advice for aspiring female scientists (Howard Co. Magazine, April 2, 2013)

Third 'Van Allen Radiation Belt' Makes Appearance around Earth (Scientific American, March 1, 2013)


The First Image of Earth Taken From Space (It's Not What You Think) (The Atlantic, August 6, 2012)

NASA probe offers new view of Mercury: an alien world right in our back yard (The Washington Post, March 26, 2012)

Saturn's Largest Moon Seen in Unprecedented Detail (Wired Magazine, March 5, 2012)

Can you build a bionic body? The arm (BBC News, March 2, 2012)


Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab seeks 'gems' in university labs (Baltimore Business Journal, November 25, 2011)

Comets take pole position as water bearers (Nature, October 5, 2011)

Hot, Odd and Curious: NASA Orbiter Reveals Mercury to Be Surprisingly Complex (Scientific American, October 3, 2011)

Powering prosthetics with thoughts alone (CNN.com, September 1, 2011)

Mercury's Surprising 'Personality' Revealed For the First Time (Foxnews.com, June 17, 2011)

Spacecraft to Fly into the Sun (MSNBC, September 6, 2010)

Mercury's Surprising 'Personality' Revealed For the First Time (Foxnews.com, June 17, 2011)


Spacecraft to Fly into the Sun (MSNBC, September 6, 2010)

A Reason for Optimism in Diagnosing, Treating TBI (Stars and Stripes, August 13, 2010)

Mercury’s Youngest Volcano Found (BBC News, July 15, 2010)

Human Trials Next for DARPA’s Mind-Controlled Artificial Arm (Wired Magazine, July 15, 2010)

Mercury Flyby Maps New Territory (Wired Magazine, July 15, 2010)

Bionics (National Geographic Magazine, January 2010)