MESA Days Competitions

2013-14 MESA Day Competitions


Maryland MESA sponsors regional and state-wide events to develop and highlight the skills, abilities, and interests of students in math, science, engineering, and technology. Throughout the academic year, students conduct research and prepare to participate in competitions that demonstrate to educators and parents what they have learned through participation in the MESA program.

MD MESA Challenges are aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards

Note: In order to participate at your Regional MESA day event your school must participate in at least TWO of the competitions listed below. All challenge submissions are due 30 days prior to your regional MESA day event and 15 days prior to the Statewide MESA day event.

MESA Day Event Dropbox

Elementary School

ES Effective Communications
Storybook Theme Park Ride
Balsawood Bridge

Middle School

MS and HS Effective Communications
Basswood Bridge
Prosthetic Arm

High School

MS and HS Effective Communications
Cyber Robot Challenge
Basswood Bridge
Prosthetic Arm