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MelThere are lots of opportunities to do some very cool stuff here. The environment here is very relaxed, and it appears that a worker here is given any and every chance to continue learning with graduate school courses being held on-site.

People at APL are friendly and always willing to talk. I do have friends from other departments. It’s pretty easy to network with other people through events, the weight room, and groups like the Young Professionals Network.

My supervisors and coworkers helped me get started and are willing to answer any questions that I may have. In my field, I’ve learned technical information about computer systems, installing operating systems, and the general layout of a corporate network.

I think APL is a great place to work because of the relaxed work environment, flexible schedules, the work and research opportunities, and the opportunities for recreation and networking. It is a great place to build your resume and to build your career.

APL is one of the most renowned names in industry and obtaining a position here will be a huge boost to your resume and a great way to build your career and gain real-world experience.