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EcaterinaAPL has a great work environment where I can feel challenged while also having the opportunity to bring my own skills to the table. I’m working in the Space Department’s Planetary Science Group doing lunar geology and remote sensing.

What I love best about APL are the people. They’re always friendly and willing to help me when I have questions. Networking at APL is great; I have often gone out to lunch with the interns in the other departments and have made a lot of friends.

I have learned a lot since coming to APL. I’ve been introduced to the IDL programming language, and have worked with ENVI for image processing and the ArcMap GIS system. I was surprised to learn that the work environment at APL was very friendly and relaxed.

The supervisors at APL are very knowledgeable people who enjoy sharing their knowledge with me and go above and beyond to help me learn more about my work.

I would definitely recommend APL to other people as a good place to intern. I would tell them the work environment is great and that they will definitely be challenged, but will also have people by their side to help them if they ever get stuck.

If I were recruiting, I would tell a potential applicant that they will gain valuable work experience while also meeting some great people. I loved my internship this summer at APL and would highly recommend it to anyone who is thinking about coming here next summer.