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CatlinI would definitely recommend APL as a good place to intern or work. It is a great place to learn about the real workplace and to put the knowledge you learn in class to good use! You get excellent experience and you might meet some interesting people too.

I was an intern at APL during my senior year in high school and then the summer before my freshman year in college. I stayed on to work this summer because my work last year was interesting. There’s a ton of networking and learning opportunities, and everyone was extremely friendly and helpful.

I’m working in the Electro-Optical and Infrared Seekers and Sensor Systems group in the Air and Missile Defense Department. This group works on everything from missile testing to infrared cameras to lasers.

Through tours and presentations I have learned about many of the other projects and research going on at the lab. This allows me to see what other projects or groups I may be interested in working with in the future. Everyone throughout the lab is friendly and helpful. This makes your work more enjoyable.

I really like that the lab is laid back and friendly but still gets the work done. I have found my supervisors (along with almost everyone else) to be extremely helpful. If you have any question at all, they will gladly help you find the answer.

I’ve learned many practical skills such as working in a large group, meeting with a supervisor, coding in MATLAB, how to write a memo, etc. This internship has helped prepare me for the real world.